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Affiliate DRG Offerings

Winter 2022

The Inner Ear — Data Responsive Ceramics Objects

Co-directed by Audrey Desjardins (Design) and Timea Tihanyi (School of Art IVA / Slip Rabbit Studio)

We are looking for students to engage in a directed creative research group this Winter 2022, on the topic of Sensing and Data Responsive Ceramic Objects. This is the first (prototyping) phase of a creative research project aimed at generating novel data representations of the home in the form of objects. With Internet of Things devices becoming more present in our everyday lives, more data than ever are being captured about our everyday moments, yet most of it goes unnoticed. The project investigates in playful ways how home dwellers might collect, retain, memorialize, and make sense of their home data.
The goal of the project is to create an iterative ceramic object (most likely a unique vessel form) that will collect sound waves and vibrations in the home. We are open to fictional and utilitarian perspectives, and will be eventually putting these objects into willing participants’ homes in phase two of our research, in spring quarter. 
This project combines Audrey and Timea’s interests and expertise, and their studios. For more, look through their projects at: and Slip Rabbit
This winter, the research group will focus on extensive research, prototyping and experimentation to develop (1) the shape and function of a ceramic form as well as (2) electronic sensors that can sense vibration (or sound). 
Skills sought (you might have one or many of those):

  • Physical computing 
  • Sensing with vibration
  • Data logging 
  • Programming with Python
  • 3D modeling (Rhino, Grasshopper, Solid Works)
  • 3D printing 
  • Ceramic process
  • Interest in research and unconventional ways of thinking about design, user experience, sculpture/ceramics, and data

We will likely meet on Monday afternoons or Thursday mornings to share progress and discuss next steps (when you apply, please let us know your availability).  
Outside of meeting times, the expected time investment per week (research, programing, modeling, etc.) is approximately 3-4 hours. 
Ceramic printing will be done at Slip Rabbit Studio outside of the regularly occurring meeting times (most likely on Th’s or Fr’s). You are welcome to attend printing for a few hours and help out with the process, while also learning how to print with clay. Be aware that it takes a few hours to set up equipment and get a print. Slip Rabbit is located off campus, an easy (15min) bus or bike ride. Masking is required. 
Students will receive credits either via ART 496 — Art internship with Slip Rabbit (2 credits) or DES 496/DES 596 — Directed Research Group in Interaction Design (2 credits). For HCDE students, credits earned in this DRG will contribute to the DRG degree requirement for both BS and MS students.
Undergraduate juniors and seniors, as well as graduate students are invited to apply. 
Please apply here by Monday November 22, 2021