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Sean Munson

Winter 2023

Landscape analysis of human centered design methods for improved nutrition outcomes

Led by: Tricia Aung, PhD student (HCDE)
With guidance from faculty advisor, Sean Munson (HCDE)

Note this DRG is at capacity for winter quarter and no longer accepting applications.

Human centered design (HCD) is increasingly used in global health, however, these projects are commonly led by individuals in high-income countries. The current movement towards decolonizing global health highlights how systematic limited participation of low- and middle-income country experts and affected communities in designing health solutions and setting research agendas perpetuates inequities. With the launch of Tanzania’s new National Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Action Plan, the Government of Tanzania is committed to addressing the triple burden of malnutrition through increased community engagement and multi-sectoral research. There is an opportunity to apply HCD methods to innovate context-appropriate solutions that tackle nutrition issues across the lifecycle. In partnership with the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre (TFNC)—the Government of Tanzania’s lead in nutrition policy and research—we will be laying a foundation for a HCD-trained hub within TFNC. We aspire for this hub to lead initiatives that leverage HCD methods to create context-appropriate, community-informed solutions to priority nutrition issues.

In this DRG, we will conduct a landscape analysis of the use of: (1) HCD to improve global health and nutrition outcomes in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), including Tanzania; and (2) HCD in Tanzania. This will be a collaborative literature review paired with discussion on how the identified case studies define HCD, types of methods used, positionality, strengths, and weaknesses. The output of this DRG will be: (1) a database that systematically organizes findings (examples: Personal Informatics Paper Browser, LIVE Dashboard); and (2) a paper for peer-review. Participants of the DRG will be eligible for paper authorship if meeting ICMJE criteria for authorship. Findings from the landscape analysis will ultimately be used to develop customized curriculum to develop the TFNC HCD hub.

We are looking for:

5-7 students (undergraduate or graduate)
Interest in or experience with HCD and nutrition in LMICs
Relevant coursework (e.g. HCDE 318, 419, 502) helpful but not required

Attend 1 hour weekly meetings (dates/time TBD)
Work on the DRG outside of scheduled meeting times, 3 hours per credit.
Graded credit/no-credit for 2-3 total credits. (e.g., 3 hours of meetings/study sessions + 6 hours of outside work = 3 CR)

Students in the DRG will:

Collaborate on literature review and outputs.
Expand understanding of how HCD methods are applied in LMIC nutrition and Tanzania contexts.

Note this DRG is at capacity for winter quarter and no longer accepting applications.

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