Sean Munson

Autumn 2017

Exploring the Use of Wearables in College Athletics

Note: This Research Group is at enrollment capacity for Autumn 2017

Led by HCDE PhD student Sam Kolovson

How can wearable technology (Catapult Sports, Zephyr, Fitbit, Whoop, etc.) be used to improve athletic performance? Prevent injuries? What challenges do wearables and related technologies pose to college athletics? 

In this research group, HCDE students will work alongside “subject matter experts”, UW student-athletes who have experience with competitive athletics. We will learn and practice qualitative research methods (for example, interviewing, interpretive analysis, and value-sensitive design) to better understand the opportunities and challenges related to the use of wearable technologies within competitive athletics. Wearable technology, in this context, we define as any type of sensor worn on an athlete’s body—e.g. a watch, chest strap, sensor built into a shoe, or a screen worn on an athlete's shirt. 

This course can be taken for 2 credits (~2 hours of classroom meeting time + 4 hours of additional work each week). Meeting time TBD.



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