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Arpita B

HCDE K-12 Outreach Workshops

To introduce K-12 students to the human centered design (HCD) process, we have been conducting workshops using design activities. For example, in a “design charette,” students are given a particular design space to explore (such as user interfaces for a website, mobile app, or a physical device). In a very short period of time (two hours or less), working in small groups, they brainstorm user needs, develop use-case scenarios, and create interaction designs for an application. We have run these design workshops with students at various educational levels, from middle school to graduate programs, and with K-12 teachers.

We believe that participatory activities such as this design charette, are effective in outreach and getting students interested in how technology influences people and our planet. In a dub talk (July 5, 2017), “Filling the Pipeline: Design & Engineering Workshops for K-12 Outreach,” Professor Andy Davidson summarized the various HCDE outreach efforts. We recommend that you watch the video.

In this DRG, we will continue to broaden our outreach efforts for human centered design in K-12 schools. UW student teams will help develop curricula and materials for design workshops, rehearse, and then go into the classrooms and lead K-12 students in the workshop. They will reflect on their experiences in the workshops and prepare a report. We will use these findings to further develop the outreach curricula.

We are looking for dedicated  and enthusiastic students at all levels (BS, MS, PhD) who are able to consistently participate and help with this work. Eligible students should be familiar with the user centered design process, and have already taken HCDE 210, 318, or 518. Experience working with, teaching, or mentoring young students is a plus.

Time & credits: The DRG will meet for 90 minutes on Wednesdays 3:30 to 5 pm, starting Oct 4, 2023. All participants are expected to attend all meetings and register for 2 credits. You will also be expected to use some time outside these meetings to lead the workshops in schools (TBD).
Application: To apply, please submit your resume and explain your interest and qualifications for the project on this google form
Deadline for applications: September 20, 2023, 11:59 PM.
Contact: For questions please contact

Arpita B, Assistant Teaching Professor, HCDE
Andrew Davidson, Associate Teaching Professor Emeritus, HCDE