Mark Haselkorn

Summer 2020

Mobility for Community Resilience: How can increased coordination of Seattle area transportation stakeholders produce improved disaster preparedness?

We are looking for students to join our summer 2020 quarter Directed Research Group (research for credit) to investigate solutions for improving regional coordination for increased resilience. In particular, we will explore how the design and use of a shared cloud-based environment can lead to enhanced mobility for community preparedness and disaster management.

Questions we will consider include:

  1. Who are the relevant stakeholder groups and what do they bring to the discussion?
  2. What is known thus far about Seattle-area resilience, particularly as it pertains to mobility?
  3. How does the Seattle community define resilience in the face of a significant disaster?
  4. What mobility enhancements should be in place to help manage a significant disaster?
  5. How can enhanced shared awareness and coordinated planning/action achieve increased regional resilience?
  6. How do different types of disasters impact resilience strategies?

As a part of the research process, we will be working with researchers and developers who are designing and developing a regional Virtual Coordination Center (VCC) in cooperation with State, County and City agencies.

What makes you a desirable candidate?

  • Knowledge of disaster preparedness and management strategies
  • Experience with ethnographic and user research
  • Experience with qualitative and quantitative analysis tools
  • Looking to register for 2-3 credits (i.e. 4-6 hours of weekly work)

The group will be facilitated by Dr. Sonia Savelli, HCDE Senior Research Scientist, and Prof. Mark Haselkorn. Meeting time is TBD.

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