Mark Haselkorn

Spring 2019

Cloud-based Design and Prototyping for Collaborative Management of Regional Mobility

Weekly Expectations: 2 hour meeting and 3-4 hours outside of class
Prerequisites: Preference will be given to graduate students. No cloud-based development experience needed, DRG will include training in cloud-based capabilities
Credits: Minimum of 2 credits
Meeting Time: TBD based on group availability
Instructors: DRG will be facilitated by Mark Haselkorn and Sonia Savelli with cloud-based expertise provided by Pariveda Solutions and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Seattle commuters spend approximately 40 extra minutes per day (152 hours per year) sitting in traffic congestion. Nationally, roughly 25% of total congestion is due to traffic incidents. On a regular basis, incident-related congestion contributes to travel delays, secondary collisions, increased fuel consumption, and air pollution. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) estimates that the U.S. loses 1.3 billion vehicle hours of delay due to incident-related congestion each year, at a cost of almost $10 billion annually.

Since March 2017, we have been working with agencies responsible for the Seattle freeway corridor to develop new capabilities to support collaborative regional management of complex traffic incidents and other challenges to maintaining regional mobility. The focus of this DRG is to design and prototype cloud-based solutions for collaborative management of regional mobility. DRG members will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage with regional transportation stakeholders to reduce the negative impacts of major freeway incidents on the Seattle I-5 corridor.
  • Get training and experience in designing and prototyping in the AWS cloud
  • Work with and learn from a local provider of innovative cloud-based solutions (Pariveda Solutions)

Further Reading

Beyond Incident Response: Mitigating Impacts of Major Traffic Incidents in the Seattle I-5 Corridor

How to Apply

Space is limited. Please email Sonia Savelli ( and Mark Haselkorn ( with the following information:

  • Confirmation that you meet the requirements listed above
  • Schedule availability
  • A few paragraphs describing your motivation for joining this DRG. In your explanation please talk about any past experience with transportation management or cloud-based  


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