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Cecilia Aragon

Winter 2022 - Spring 2022

Research Design for Games to Teach Data Ethics

Co-directed by Cecilia Aragon, Sarah Evans, Bernease Herman, and Andrea Figueroa

Note: This DRG losed to further applications; existing applications currently under review. Notification date Nov. 30

This research group will co-design a game, along with faculty and students from the University of North Texas (UNT), a Hispanic-Serving Institution, to explore issues of ethics and diversity in data science. Students will be hands-on in exploring examples of educational games, brainstorming and providing ideas for games, creating prototypes, and playtesting. Some themes we may consider include data privacy, trust of algorithmic systems, predictive policing, fairness, and others. Our goal is to produce a working prototype of a game, playtest it, and study our own design processes to gain insight into how conflicts in norms and culture may change the learning process. 

This will be a two-quarter directed research group with the goal of writing and submitting a paper to a top venue in June 2022. All group members will be offered the opportunity to be co-authors on the paper.

We are looking for a relatively small group of people who are each interested in between 2 and 5 credit hours of credit/no credit grade in HCDE 496/596 for Winter and Spring Quarters in 2022. Interested undergraduate and graduate students may apply. Graphic design experience and familiarity with a wide variety of games is recommended but not required for motivated students.

The group will meet virtually over Zoom to accommodate the UNT students, although we may meet a few times in person at UW before the UNT semester starts. Meetings will be on Thursdays at either 11:30-1, 12-1:30, or 12:30-2 depending on group availability. This DRG is no longer accepting applications.

Autumn 2021 - Winter 2022

Human Centered Natural Language Processing and Text Visualization

Credits: 2–5
DRG may be offered in-person, hybrid, or remote based on current pandemic conditions

This research group will apply human-centered techniques in the fields of natural language processing (NLP) and visualization to study very large text corpora, with a specific focus on text visualization. We’re looking for students with experience in either (a) programming and analysis of large text datasets or (b) machine learning and data science. Data visualization or NLP experience is a plus but not required.

Aviation Safety Research:
A sub-section of the research group will focus on analyzing survey responses and creating various forms of data visualization to convey survey results. Experience with survey analysis, data visualization tools, and a working knowledge of the aviation industry is a plus, but not required. 

To apply, please send an unofficial transcript, resume, and a few paragraphs about why you are interested in this DRG to Sourojit Ghosh at

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