Daniela Rosner

Winter 2021

Community, Capacity, and Collective Care in Practice

Led by Josephine Hoy and Professor Daniela Rosner
2-3 credits

Note this DRG is at capacity for winter and no longer accepting applications.

Living within the convergence of many ongoing and escalating crises, we need each other more than ever. 

This DRG proposes an experiment in technology-mediated collective care to support each other across geographic and temporal distance and in alignment with public health guidance. Over the course of Winter quarter, we will explore and engage in practices of collective care with the goal of providing for ourselves during this time of crisis and growing our community’s capacity to join with other groups in meaningful solidarity efforts for social justice. 

We will adopt and adapt technologies (of many types) in order to provide safe, supportive, and capacity-building care for each other. We will also explore auto-ethnographic methods and/or reflective exercises in order to articulate experiential learnings, contribute to an open research archive, and work to develop a toolkit that we can share with and beyond our HCDE community.

In addition to our practice and synthesis, we will read to engage with knowledge produced within feminist, disability justice, community organizing, and mutual aid traditions. Together, we will probe questions like:

  • What does care look like? Whose care/giving is valued? Whose care needs are viewed as burdensome? Who provides care? Who is likely to be denied care?
  • What tools and skills do we have readily available to help us meet each others’ emotional and survival needs remotely?
  • How might attending to care help us identify structural forces of oppression that are causing harm to people within our community?
  • How do our tools and skills allow us to provide support in a way that begins to dismantle oppressive structures and build alternatives?
  • What tactics can we use to come together across lines of difference?
  • How might we build our own capacity so that we can extend our care webs or create new ones beyond HCDE?
  • What struggles and frustrations do we encounter in this work and what can we learn from them?

This project is part of an ongoing research project organized by HCDE Ph.D. student Joey Hoy on the role of digital technology in supporting mutual aid.

Requirements: Open to all interested HCDE students who are willing to commit to (and evolve!) our DRG’s community agreements

We will plan to meet for up to 1.5 hours each week via Zoom and hold asynchronous check-ins. Approximately 2 additional hours of engagement each week will be expected outside of our meeting times. A group meeting time will be decided based on schedules and interest. Please reach out to us with any accessibility needs so that we can meet them!
We aim to form a group of ~7 students. If you’re not able to participate this quarter but are interested in materials, receiving updates, or starting your own parallel version of this project, please feel welcome to reach out!

Note this DRG is at capacity for winter and no longer accepting applications.

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