Charlotte Lee

Spring 2020

The Collaborative Marine Atlas Project (CMAP): Evaluating a Data Portal for Ocean Science

Led by PhD students Andy Neang and Will Sutherland and Associate Professor Charlotte Lee

Data portals and repositories are increasingly becoming a central tool in the field of oceanography. As oceanographers increasingly share and integrate datasets from different labs (and across disciplines), such repositories become important sites of collaborative work and interdisciplinary encounters.

In this DRG we will engage a data exploration tool in the early stages of its development, and attempt to evaluate how it might facilitate early-career oceanographers in finding and making sense of unfamiliar data sets. We will conduct user studies with oceanography students and researchers with the purpose of making recommendations to the tool’s design team. We will also explore how this tool might facilitate data sharing in a large, interdisciplinary collaboration, and explore the assumptions and implications that tools like this carry with them.

Through this DRG you will gain experience with the following:

  • Conducting user studies
  • Evaluating data and developing a report for designers
  • Light background reading on collaborative tools and data-centric science

Knowledge of oceanography is not required!

This DRG will tentatively meet on Thursdays, from 1:30-3:30pm or Fridays, from 1:30-3:30pm. Participants can sign up for 2-3 credits.

To apply, please complete please complete this form before Friday, March 20th at 5 p.m. We notify all applicants of our decisions shortly after.

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