Brock Craft

Spring 2020

The Internet of Light 

There are now dozens of frameworks, protocols, and applications for creative expression that leverage the Internet of Things (IoT). In this DRG, we will explore internet-enabled interactive lighting, focusing on possibilities for creative expression, display, data encoding, communication, and interaction. In this DRG, you will develop a plan for researching and expressing your creative voice, as a designer. The DRG will culminate in a lighting exhibit using the multicolored lights in the lobby of Sieg Hall as the canvas.

Participants in this DRG will leverage a combination of both technical and aesthetic skills. Preference will be given to applicants who already have strong technical software development skills, Internet of Things applications, working with unfamiliar RESTful APIs, and who have a sensitivity to visual design with light. You should be able to review an unfamiliar API and have a good idea of how you would use it to author applications in, for example, Python, Circuit Python, or Mobile App frameworks. This DRG is open to students in all degree programs.

Instructor: Brock Craft,
Recommended but not required: HCDE 310, HCDE 439, or permission of the instructor 
Credits: 2

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Spring 2020

Human Centered Design in London Preparatory Seminar

This bi-weekly seminar will prepare students for the design work that they will undertake during the Study Abroad Program. We will prepare to explore the cultural and design context of London and discuss readings on design strategies and methods. Practical considerations for the program will also be covered.

This course meets bi-weekly, for 2 hours. This DRG is exclusive to and required for participants in the HCDE in London Study Abroad program.

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