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Sarah Coppola

Autumn 2023

Prototyping a Community Toolkit for Peer First Response Education

Led by Alainna Brennan Brown, faculty mentor Sarah Coppola

Who should apply: All students are welcome to apply. Any staff and faculty who are interested in these topics are welcome to join in the capacities and to the extent they find valuable. 

Bystander emergency first response training is a key part of building community safety and inspiring a sense of community and individual security. When emergencies occur, the very first response is generally from nearby community members who often have the benefit of proximity and situational knowledge. In this DRG, we aim to develop a toolkit to empower university department communities to thoughtfully and deeply assess the insights, interests, and needs of their community members (students, faculty, and staff) in order to choose suitable off-the-shelf training packages and/or to assemble their own in collaboration with appropriate first response organizations. This toolkit will center the development, as core values, of community and individual confidence in the face of emergencies. We will use the HCDE community as our launch pad. We will first conduct observational, interview-, and survey-based research into HCDE community members’ knowledge of first response interventions and educational opportunities as well as related interests, “wish lists,” fears/concerns/pain points, and other related insights and priorities. We will then iteratively prototype a toolkit of resources to support community-based training, gradually scaling the toolbox up for larger groups/organizations.

DRG credits (if desired): 2 credit hours

Outcomes for students: Design portfolio entries, manuscript contributions, community leadership opportunities (based on individual interests).

How to apply: Apply through this Google Form.

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