Cindy Atman

Winter & Spring 2019

Making and mapping: learning to laser-cut and visualizing our making experiences

Weekly Expectations: 3 hour meeting + 3 - 4 hours project work and journaling
Experience: No experience needed with laser-cutting or research, just be willing to participate, be collaborative, and learn.
Credits: 2  
Meeting Time: TBD based on group availability

This DRG is part of ongoing research that examines how students might learn design informally through interest-driven physical fabrication projects.  We will focus on the laser-cutter as a digital fabrication tool. Guidance and mentorship regarding laser-cutter use and project work will be provided throughout. A goal of this work is the development of tools to help individuals better understand what range of things they can make and how they might make then.

  1. DRG members will develop a project that utilizes a laser-cutter as the main tool. Project work may be carried out in pairs or individually.  
  2. Members will journal about their experience and design process.  
  3. In weekly team meetings we will co-develop visualizations to map our evolving understanding of laser-cutting as means of fabrication.

This research group will be led by PhD students Meg Drouhard and Kathryn Shroyer, with guidance from Professor Cindy Atman.  

To apply to join this DRG, please complete this short interest survey.

Preference will be given to applicants who are willing to participate in both Winter and Spring quarters.


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