Tyler Fox

Autumn 2019

Design Research: Cultural Probes

Note: this DRG is at capacity for Autumn 2019

Meeting days/time: Mondays, 7:30–9 p.m.

This DRG will provide students with hands-on research experience using cultural probes. Cultural probes were introduced in 1999 as a playful, open-ended design research method. As a method, they are generative in nature, producing unique, qualitative results that require interpretation. It is an approach that will help broaden your understanding of human-centered design. Due to their nature, probes require an appreciation of, and comfort with, ambiguity, applicants must be willing to experiment and take risks! 

Students will work in groups to create, deploy, and analyze probes within Seattle communities. Simultaneously, we will explore the literature behind probes and similar research methods to understand their broader potential. 

This DRG will give priority to HCDE MS students currently enrolled in HCDE 518. However, advanced undergraduates and graduate students are welcome to apply.

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