David Ribes

Autumn 2017

Reading Group: Science and Technology Studies and Disability Studies

Led by Associate Professor David Ribes and PhD Student Cynthia Bennett

Note: This reading group is at capacity for Autumn 2017. However, if you were hoping to join, please email Cynthia at so she can get in touch with you if a similar reading group is offered in future.

In this reading group, we will read and discuss work at the intersection of the intellectual traditions Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Disability Studies. we will particularly explore how STS conveys and challenges disability categories and how Disability Studies expands STS. Recently, work has recognized the intersection of these fields as ripe for enriching our understanding of science and technology and disability. For example, STS provides lenses for studying the social impacts of technologies and infrastructures such as government systems on disability categories and the lived experiences of people with disabilities. In concert, the disabled body and a Disability Studies perspective (which opens up possibilities for disability as richer than something to be cured) expands STS which has been critiqued for ‘writing out’ non-normative bodies in its discourse. For more information about this intersection, read this blog post:

Readings will be assigned each week and students will come prepared to discuss.

This reading group is targeted toward students whose work overlaps with STS or Disability Studies as well as for people who study disability through other theoretical lenses. It is not necessary to have studied either tradition formally, but having read in at least one of the areas will help as we will scaffold only nominal introductions of each field at the beginning of the quarter.

Credits: 2
Time: TBD Once registration is complete, the coordinators will poll for availability.
Location: UW Seattle campus


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