David Ribes

Winter 2020

Data Then and Now Speaker Series & Reading Group

Co-Directed by HCDE Prof. David Ribes, iSchool Prof. Megan Finn, and eScience Dr. Anissa Tanweer

Join us for a 10-week winter speaker series / reading group about the histories, presents and futures of data. The seminar will revolve around a bi-weekly speaker series called 'Data Then and Now' that is co-sponsored by eScience, Information School, and HCDE. Speakers from a number of different disciplines will talk about histories of data, data technologies & practices in order to draw out the antecedents and continuities in this data-centric moment. DRG participants will read papers by our visiting scholars, situate their contributions in the academic literature, and prepare and publish public digests describing the speaker’s work and their talk. We will meet Wednesdays from 4-5p, and the DRG can be taken by PhD students of any background for 1 or 2 credits.

If you wish to participate in the seminar, please send an email to, and with a few sentences explaining what you hope to get out of the seminar. If we have an overwhelming response, preference will be given to students participating in the STSS program.

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