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David Ribes

Spring 2022

Investigating Healthcare/Research Infrastructure: Reading Group

Co-Directed by HCDE Prof. David Ribes and PhD student Meg Moldestad

Note this DRG is at capacity for spring and no longer accepting applications.

In this reading group we will explore how to investigate infrastructure in the context of healthcare and biomedical research. We plan to cover a breadth of topics, including (but not limited to) medical service provision, biomedical research, health data and analytics, vaccine/drug production and distribution, public health, and healthcare facility built environments. Readings and discussions will have a particular focus on inequities built into these systems and what design contributions we might make to improve them. 
This is a reading and discussion seminar. Core readings will be assigned each week and students will come prepared to discuss. With support from the co-directors, participants will lead one discussion during the quarter and provide supplemental readings as desired. We will also create a final product that we collectively decide on and design (one example: annotated bibliography). 
Recommended Background

This DRG is most suitable for students with an interest in the infrastructure of both healthcare and biomedical research. BS, MS, and PhD students are all welcome, but we are limiting participation to ~10 students. If you wish to participate in the reading group, please send an email to and with a few sentences explaining your research interests, why you are interested in the group, and what you hope to get from the experience. 

Credits: 2 (CR/NC)
Time: TBD once registration is complete, the coordinators will poll for availability
Location: In person on the UW Seattle campus

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