David Ribes

Autumn 2019

Reading Group: Queer Theory and HCI

Co-directed by Associate Professor David Ribes and PhD student Calvin Liang

In this reading group, we will attempt to address the questions “What can HCI learn from Queer Theory?” and “What can Queer Theory learn from HCI?”

Queer is not a new term, nor a singular one. It has had competing, often controversial, meanings across its history. One part of this DRG will focus on understanding this heterogenous history. Seminal statements about the role of queer theory for HCI have been published such as Queer(ing) HCI: Moving Forward in Theory and Practice. We will engage these literatures. But no one has addressed the reverse question: what can HCI teach queer theory? We will return to this question throughout the DRG — though we certainly don’t (yet) have answers. The focus of this DRG, then, is both theoretical, and seeking to inform design. 

The first weeks will be focused on reading the foundational literatures on: queer theory, queer HCI, classification & data, and queer history. The final weeks’ readings will be decided collectively by the class, as we gain traction on the topic.

We are looking for a small group of undergraduates, graduate students, and/or faculty to join our reading group. Some knowledge or experience with HCI and/or Queer Theory is recommended, though not required. Students will be expected to complete weekly readings, lead one session, and be prepared to engage in discussions about the readings.

To apply for this DRG, please fill out this google form.

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