Julie Kientz Research Group

Spring 2018

Time Management Strategies for Ph.D. Students

In this 1-credit DRG, we will work to learn about, share, and practice time management strategies for making good research and writing progress as doctoral students while also making time for self-care and personal goals. Specific strategies will be those used by the National Center for Faculty Diversity and Development and include developing a quarter-long strategic plan for writing and research goals, weekly planning meetings, and developing a daily writing habit. We’ll also do some skill shares in terms of tools and strategies for managing to do lists, email, calendaring, etc.

The DRG will meet on Friday afternoons from 3–4 p.m. in Spring 2018, and 30 minutes of that time will be spent individually working on our weekly plans for the following week and keeping each other accountable. This group is only for Ph.D. students, as the concepts will be specific to the skills and strategies needed for balancing research, teaching, and service in completing a Ph.D.

If you’re interested, please email Julie Kientz ( for an add code.

Winter 2018

Ideation of Design Ideas for Health Information Practices of Older Adults and Stakeholders

We are looking for students interested in brainstorming design ideas for the SOARING (Studying Older Adults & Researching Information Needs and Goals) project. This project is focused on understanding ways older adults manage their personal health information and the role that stakeholders such as caregivers, providers, and family members play in those activities. We have developed personas and scenarios over the past few quarters. The goal of this project will be to generate many ideas for ways that health information technology could be designed to better support older adults through both divergent and convergent thinking. Co-design sessions with older adults are also a possibility depending on availability.
We are looking for students who have an interest in older adults and/or personal health information and are excited about engaging in brainstorming design sessions. Students with good visual design skills are a plus, as we will be preparing a professional “idea book” that will be shared with the design community.
DRG meeting times will be Mondays from 1p-3p. We expect students to register for 2-3 credits of HCDE 496 or HCDE 596.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this survey by December 1, 2017:
This research group will be led by PhD student Dawn Sakaguchi-Tang, with guidance from Associate Professor Julie Kientz (HCDE).


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