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Julie Kientz

Winter 2023

Adaption of Tuberculosis (TB) Treatment Support App for HIV/PrEP Treatment

Oral antiretroviral therapy (ART) is highly effective for people living with HIV to suppress viral replication, and oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) reduces the risk of HIV acquisition; however, monitoring and improving drug adherence remains challenging. 

The TB-Treatment Support Tools (TB-TST) project, led by Dr. Sarah Iribarren of the UW’s School of Nursing, has been actively working to provide TB care providers in Argentina with a mobile web application that helps monitor and support individuals with active TB. The TB-TST has shown promising results for aiding in the treatment of patients. 

A prior DRG conducted qualitative research into how the TB-TST could be adapted to support patients being treated with ART and/or PrEP. This DRG will build upon that work using an agile development methods to create a high fidelity app prototype. This project will involve at least 2 cycles that will include design planning, prototyping, and usability testing. 


  • Passion for designing equitable and innovative healthcare solutions using HCDE principles in a fast-paced environment. 
  • UI/UX design experience, familiarity with Figma prototyping techniques is a plus.
  • Usability testing or qualitative research experience, with an emphasis on translating findings into data-supported UX design recommendations.
  • Registering for 2-3 credits (3 hour commitment per credit)
  • Ability to attend and present progress reports/deliverables in weekly 60-90 min. meeting over zoom, tentatively on Mondays before 12pm. 
  • Willingness to meet outside of the regularly scheduled meeting time to work with fellow collaborators.

Please fill out this application survey by 12/27/22. We will notify applicants by 12/29/22 for tentative start date of January 3. We will select 2-3 students.

Winter 2023

Co-designing a Sex Education Tool For and With Trans and Queer Youth

Led by Calvin Liang, PhD Candidate with guidance from faculty advisor Dr. Julie Kientz

Transgender (trans) and queer young people deserve effective, affirming, and accurate sex education resources that can support them to have healthy sexual and romantic relationships. In this DRG, we will partner with a community advisory board made up of 20 trans young people ages 16-25, known as the QTAB (Queer and Trans Advisory Board). This QTAB was intentionally designed to center the perspectives of Black, Latine, and Asian-American youth; transfeminine and non-binary people; young people living in rural areas and/or localities where legislation is actively attempting to remove their healthcare access; and people who are new to experiences with research. There are increasingly more social support groups for trans young people today, but this group is unique by positioning QTAB members as experts of their own lives and drivers of research that affects their own health related issues.

DRG students will engage in monthly co-design sessions with QTAB members to ultimately develop a medium to high fidelity prototype of a sex education tool for trans youth. In between these co-design sessions, students will prepare a style guide, mockups, wireframes, and additional design elements for feedback elicitation from QTAB members.

We are looking for 2-3 students experienced in UI/UX design experience. Familiarity with Figma prototyping is a plus. DRG students will attend a 1 hour-long meeting weekly (dates/times TBD) with additional work outside of scheduled meetings for 3 hours per credit. This will be graded credit/no-credit for 1-2 total credits. (e.g., 2 hour of meetings/study sessions + 4 hours of outside work = 2 CR).

If you are interested, please fill out this Google Form Application using your UW email address by midnight PT Friday, December 9th. Accepted applicants will be notified by Friday, December 16.


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