Julie Kientz Research Group

Summer 2018

Child-Computer Interaction and Participatory Design

We are looking for students for the Summer 2018 to help with running KidsTeam UW, an intergenerational co-design team of children (ages 6 – 12) and design researchers. There is rich work around how to interact with adults and children together in the co-design space, the role of design techniques in co-design, and the different stages and phases of co-design. You have the opportunity to help us understand this space.

Activities of this research group will include interacting as an adult design partner with children in co-design, working with researchers on multiple projects involving children and design, and running overall logistics to support the intergenerational design team. As well, there will opportunities to join multiple research projects on inclusion and children’s technologies, voice assistants and families, and how do we define what creepy technologies are.

This DRG will require you to participate at least once in KidsTeam UW in the summer from July 30 to August 3rd (9:00 am to 4:30 pm, or multiple days with mornings / afternoons). Students who have completed HCDE 318/418/518 and/or HCDE 417/517 or have relevant experience will be given priority.

Alternatively, students who have experience with learning sciences, education, and child development will also be considered.

If you are interested in participating, please apply to the group using the following form by May 1st:

We expect students to register for 3 credits of HCDE 496/596.

This research group will be led by Assistant Professor Jason Yip (iSchool), with support Assistant Professor Alexis Hiniker (iSchool) and Associate Professor Julie Kientz (HCDE).

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