Julie Kientz Research Group

Summer 2017

Study on How User Feedback Changes Over Time

Note: Enrollment in this Research Group is at capacity for Summer 2017.

Have you ever wondered how long to run a user deployment study? And how feedback changes over time the longer someone uses your application?

We are interested in running a study to understand how user feedback changes the longer someone uses a system.

We are looking for 2 students to help with getting a 1 year study up and running for evaluating two different systems: a tool for parents to help track their children’s progress and a smartphone application for helping minimize use of “time wasting” apps. We will have participants submit feedback surveys through the study and attempt to understand when they drop off and how feedback changes over time and at what point data saturation is reached.

Experience with managing remote study participants and using Mechanical Turk is a plus, but is not required. We expect students to register for 2 credit hours.

Weekly meetings will be either on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons sometime between 3-5 starting the week of June 19th and will go through August 18th – you can indicate your availability in the survey.

This DRG will be run jointly by Hyewon Suh (Ph.D. student) and Julie Kientz (Associate Professor).

Summer 2017

Participatory Design with Children and Researchers

We are looking for 4 students for the Summer 2017 to help with running KidsTeam UW, an intergenerational co-design team of children (ages 6 – 12) and design researchers. There is rich work around how to interact with adults and children together in the co-design space, the role of design techniques in co-design, and the different stages and phases of co-design. You have the opportunity to help us understand this space.

Activities of this research group will include interacting as an adult design partner with children in co-design, working with researchers on multiple projects involving children and design, and running overall logistics to support the intergenerational design team. 

This DRG will require you to participate at least once in KidsTeam UW in the summer from July 31 to August 4th (9:00 am to 4:30 pm, or multiple days with mornings / afternoons). Students who have completed HCDE 318/418/518 and/or HCDE 417/517 or have relevant experience will be given priority. 

Alternatively, students who have experience with learning sciences, education, and child development will also be considered. 

We expect students to register for 3 credits of HCDE 496/596.

This research group will be led by Assistant Professor Jason Yip (iSchool), with support from Laura Pina and  Associate Professor Julie Kientz (HCDE).

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this survey by June 2, 2017:


Summer 2017

Persona development: Health information practices of older adults and stakeholders

This Directed Research Group is looking for up to 2 students for the summer quarter to help with a project called, SOARING (Studying Older Adults & Researching Information Needs and Goals) which is aimed at understanding the ways older adults manage their personal health information and the role that stakeholders such as, caregivers, providers and family members play in those activities. The project team has been doing qualitative fieldwork with older adults to understand their health information practices and needs. They have also done interviews with stakeholders. During the summer quarter, we will dive into the research that has been collected to create personas and scenarios. We will also validate these personas and scenarios by conducting a focus group with older adults and interviews with stakeholders. The focus group and interviews are likely to be conducted off campus.
We are looking for students who have experience with developing personas and scenarios, has familiarity with conducting focus groups and is able to help with analyzing qualitative data.
DRG meeting times will be Wednesdays from 1p-2p and you are also welcomed to join in the SOARING team meetings from 2p-3p. We expect students to register for 2-3 credits of HCDE 496 or HCDE 596.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this survey by May 26th:
This research group will be led by PhD student Dawn Sakaguchi-Tang, with guidance from Associate Professor Julie Kientz (HCDE).

Summer 2017

Developing a Validated Measure of User Value

Note: Enrollment in this Research Group is at capacity for Summer 2017.

Previously, we have investigated what constitutes user burdens in computing technologies ( and that led us to think what constitutes user values. Because some technologies expose high user burden but if a user finds greater value in using, they’d sacrifice/endure existing burden and sustain use. So we are interested in finding what exactly constitutes user values associated with computing systems and how they affect people’s willingness to accept and reject/refrain their use and ways to measure them.

We are looking for two students this Summer Quarter to help with developing and validating a scale for assessing user value. We expect students to register for 3 credits of HCDE 496/596. We will begin the quarter by reading papers about other similar scales and how they have been validated and used. We will then brainstorm questions, refine them, and validate them using quantitative statistical approaches. A previous class in statistics or quantitative methods would be helpful, but a willingness to learn would also work. As we are planning to submit this work to relevant HCI conferences or journals, students seeking for publication opportunities are welcome.

This research group will be led by PhD Candidate Hyewon Suh, with guidance from Associate Professor Julie Kientz.


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