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Gary Hsieh

Spring 2024

Designing a Repository for Displaying Academic Insights Transformed with Generative AI

Donghoon Shin

Faculty advisors
Gary Hsieh (HCDE), Lucy Lu Wang (iSchool)

Note this DRG is full for Spring 2024 and no longer accepting applications.

Many academic papers contain useful design guidelines and implications. However, they are rarely consumed and used by design practitioners, and designers often describe several issues, such as the difficulty of reading jargon-filled papers and not finding academic papers useful. To overcome this, we proposed a system that generates design cards using generative AI, which automatically transforms verbose design implications from the paper into concise card format (Paper2Card, to appear at the CHI conference).

Despite such support, however, many designers still lack awareness of the wealth of design cards that exist and their potential benefits. Thus, throughout this DRG, we aim to design and build a design card repository – where designers can easily navigate these AI-generated design cards and find relevant design cards. Then, what should the design card repository look like? A paper repository like Google Scholar? Or, a design repository like Pinterest? Answering this question and designing an initial prototype is the main goal of this DRG!

Expected takeaways from this DRG include: (i) designing a repository that contains design cards, (ii) showcasing them at the upcoming CHI conference (mid-May), and (iii) distributing it as a live website.

This DRG is full for Spring 2024 and no longer accepting applications. For questions, please contact Donghoon Shin at

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