Gary Hsieh

Winter 2021

Human-Centered Design to Eliminate Disparities in Breast Cancer Screening

Led by HCDE PhD student Raina Langevin, with advising support from Gary Hsieh

In this DRG, we will work with an interdisciplinary team of community leaders and medical practitioners to address racial health disparities in breast cancer screening. Building on prior interviews, the focus of the DRG will be to develop a web-based tool to improve breast cancer screening rates and facilitate outreach by health navigators to Black/African American women. We will engage in qualitative analysis and design activities to explore and address challenges faced by Black/African American women related to breast cancer screening.

The planned activities for the quarter include the following:

  • Interview coding and analysis
  • Prototype design and development informed by interviews with community members. Usability testing of the prototype (if time allows)

We are looking for two to three students with interests in health equity, UI/UX design, and experience in 1) qualitative coding/analysis and/or 2) front-end web development.

Participants in this research group will enroll (CR/NC) through HCDE 596/HCDE 496. This group will meet remotely on Zoom for 2 hours each week at a time based on participant availability. It is anticipated that 4-5 hours will be spent on the DRG activities outside of meeting times.

To apply, we ask that you submit a short statement of interest and your qualifications by Friday, December 18, 2020, using this form.


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