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Gary Hsieh

Autumn 2023

Analyzing the Adult Oncology Patient Experience through Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Engagement

We are looking for up to 6 dedicated students to join our Fall 2023 quarter Patient Experience Adult Oncology EDI Research Group, through a partnered effort with UW Medicine and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. The research group will be engaging underrepresented groups to understand the adult oncology experience today and how it may be improved.  

The findings from this study will influence future medical site planning, program design, and make improvements to current operations to improve equitable care for adult oncology patients. Students will:

  1. Design interview guides fit for interview coding and analysis.
  2. Conduct individual interviews with up to 40 different interviewees from 12 different underrepresented groups.
  3. Analyze the qualitative and quantitative results into a research paper.

This study serves as a foundational commitment to the practice of active community EDI engagement to improve the health of the public. This opportunity would be for students with interests in health equity, qualitative coding/analysis, and experience design. 

This is a 2-credit DRG offered to undergraduate (HCDE 496) and graduate (HCDE 596) students. Students in this DRG will be required to attend 1 hour-long weekly meetings (TBD), and are expected to spend 3 to 5 additional hours weekly outside of meetings contributing to their work in the DRG.

This DRG is in collaboration with Gary Hsieh, Elizabeth Fleming, and Nida Shekhani (Chief Strategy Officers, UW Medicine and Fred Hutch Cancer Center) and will be advised by Paula Houston, Chief Equity Officer, UW Medicine and Dr. Leo Morales, Professor and Assistant Dean in the Office of Healthcare Equity, UW School of Medicine. If you are interested, please send your resume and a brief statement of interest to Kit Pearce, UW Medicine Project Manager ( 

Autumn 2023

Designing Provider-Patient Messaging in Cancer and Depression Care

This DRG is at capacity for Autumn 2023 and no longer accepting applications.

Depression is common but under-treated in patients with cancer. Although support for management of co-morbid cancer and depression has been proposed through integration of psychosocial care into cancer services and through technology to support such care models, challenges remain in designing appropriate and usable technology interventions that meet the needs of the patients and their care team. Because patients with co-morbid cancer and depression struggle to navigate between their cancer care and psychosocial care journeys, traditional psychosocial approaches and mental health technologies need to be adapted to these experiences.

The UW SCOPE study (Supporting Collaborative Care to Optimize Psychosocial Engagement in the Cancer Setting) is designing and developing a new web-based patient-provider platform for technology-enhanced Collaborative Care Management of depression in urban and rural cancer centers. 

This DRG will focus on designing and iterating a one way messaging feature for the SCOPE app. This DRG will be done in collaboration with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

We are looking for 3-4 students experienced in UI/UX design, familiarity with Figma or design application is recommended. DRG students will attend a 1 hour-long meeting weekly (date and time TBD) with additional work outside of scheduled meetings for 3 hours per credit. This will be a 2 credit DRG (e.g., 2 hours of meetings/co-design sessions + 4 hours of outside work = 2 CR).

This DRG will be facilitated by CSE PhD student Tae Jones with guidance from Associate Professor Gary Hsieh. For any questions, reach out to Tae at or on the DUB Slack.

This DRG is at capacity for Autumn 2023 and no longer accepting applications.


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