Beth Kolko

Spring 2019

The Final Frontier: Human-Centered Space Technologies 

Meeting times: Wednesdays, 1–2:15 p.m.
Instructor: Professor Beth Kolko

So it looks like humans are headed to Mars. And staying a while. If we want to have viable settlements on Mars, we will need more than science and technology. We’ll need all the other things that make up human society — art, music, food, play. Even Star Trek had Shakespeare. Today, most of the time, attention and money spent on figuring out space exploration is focused on ensuring people don’t blow up — a laudable goal. Let’s assume those problems are taken care of at some point. What comes next? This will be the first quarter of an ongoing exploration of this topic. We’ll read articles from HCI-related fields about human-centered space design, we’ll read some science fiction for inspiration, and our goal by the end of the quarter will be to generate a list and description of potential research projects on the topic of Human Centered Design for Space Exploration.

 The group is open to undergraduates, MS and PhD students. To register, contact with a one-paragraph explanation of why you want to join this group.


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