Beth Kolko

Spring 2021

Human Centered Design for Space Missions 

2 credits
Spring quarter, Tuesdays 12 - 1:20 p.m.

The space technology industry is driven primarily by engineering innovations, but as the industry matures, there is a growing need for human-centered solutions to support long-term missions. This research group is a collaboration between HCDE and Blue Origin to ask questions such as, what is the human-centered design & research process/toolkit for human-space activity? How can this be integrated into the early-stage technology concepting processes used by NASA and industry partners?

During this Spring DRG, we will work on two research areas:

  1. Understanding HCD and mission design activities. We will interview industry experts and map the complex human systems that define mission design activities.
  2. How might we apply human-centered design to artifacts for human usage in deep space and extraterrestrial contexts? We will engage in research through design practices and ask how might we design objects, environments, systems, technology, & services for contexts that we don’t have high-fidelity analog access to?

If you are interested, please apply here »

The DRG will be 2 credits and will meet Tuesdays from 12-1:20 p.m. Please do not apply if you cannot meet during that time or register for 2 credits.

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