Beth Kolko

Winter 2021

Understanding the digital health landscape for older adults

Led by Shengzhi Wang and Beth Kolko

For more information, contact Shengzhi or Beth at the email above.

In this 2 credit DRG, we will focus on understanding the potential for wearable technologies and digital health data for older adults, particularly in the context of their communities and social networks. 

There has been significant growth in the number and sophistication of wearable technology with health-focused features in recent years. An increasing amount of insight can be gained from data collected by these devices to support continued healthy living. However, the adoption rate among older adults has remained much lower than that of younger adults, despite potential benefits to personal health and daily lives.

We will explore different aspects of this topic through analyzing research papers, with a focus on seniors’ social networks, technology education for older adults, and patterns of technology use among older adults. Some potential questions for this DRG include: How do older adults view technology as a component of their lives? What are the roles of weak and strong social networks in older adults’ lives? What are older adults’ data sharing and privacy patterns? What barriers to health technology adoption may exist for older adults? By the end of the quarter, our goal will be to define promising research opportunities in this area, including potential design interventions.

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