Jennifer Turns

Autumn 2020

Designing to Support Reflection on the Identities We Hold

This DRG has reached capacity. If you have a strong interest in joining, please email Calvin ( expressing your interest.

This DRG will be conducted remotely over Zoom

Identities are complex. Some identities are interlinked, some grant us more opportunities and power than others, and some are fixed while others can transform over time. Reflection on identity is important for everyone to do and we all have different journeys and relationships with our identities.

We envision this group brings together people from dominant identities (e.g. white, upper class, men) and people from marginalized identities (e.g. black, women, lgbtq+). We want to provide a space for affinity groups while connecting with those who hold different identities. With this in mind, we commit to creating an intentional space that does not place additional responsibility for people with minority identities to have to educate others. However, we do believe that there is value in engaging in dialogue across differences. As a group, we’ll commit to an environment in which we’re open to (and expect to) make mistakes, accept that we might be wrong, and be willing to change. We hope as a group we take responsibility for approaching each other and each conversation with care.

In this DRG, we will bring people together who are interested in reflecting on their identities. We invite people with a range of experiences, including people with little prior experience and people with extensive experience. Our expectation is that those who sign up for this DRG are committed to learning and growing through challenging conversations about identity.

Collectively, we will reflect on the identities we hold and explore ways to design support for reflection on identities. We will also explore the role reflecting on identity can play in our lives, including how our identities shape our relationships with people, communities, and organizations.

Questions we will explore:

  1. What identities do you hold? How do these identities connect you with other people, communities, and organizations?
  2. What role does reflection on identity play in your life? What role(s) could it play? What role do you want it to play?
  3. What forms of support for reflection on identity exist (e.g., activities, applications, support groups) (e.g., activities, applications, support groups)? How well do these forms of support work for you? How might we rework, extend, or replace these to better support reflection on identity?

This DRG has reached capacity. If you have a strong interest in joining, please email Calvin ( expressing your interest. For more details on the structure of the DRG, review our planned activities here (UW login required). 

This DRG will be led by Wendy Roldan, Burren Peil, Calvin Liang, and Andrew Berry, with guidance from Dr. Jennifer Turns. We will meet on Tuesdays from 1:00-3:00 p.m. PST through Zoom.

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