Jennifer Turns

Autumn 2019

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Application Writing Support Group

This research group is for graduate and undergraduate students who will be applying for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in Fall 2019. In this group, we will discuss how to write personal statements and research proposals, review successful application examples, discuss tips for making applications stronger and who to ask for letters of recommendation, and conduct peer review of each other’s writing.

To learn more about who is eligible to apply for the NSF graduate fellowship (undergrads, first and second year grad students who want to pursue a PhD, US citizens or permanent residents), please see the NSF website.

Because of the NSF deadline being in mid-October, this DRG will be front-loaded in the quarter and be more work for the first 4 weeks and will not meet after the deadline (except for 1 brief meeting after submitting to debrief about the process). Likewise, depending on people’s availability, we may start meeting a few weeks before the quarter begins to get a head start on things. If you’re not around in person this summer, we could allow people to join via Google Hangouts for the first few meetings. 

Meetings during the Autumn 2019 quarter will be on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:30 – pre-quarter meetings will be scheduled via a Doodle poll after August 23rd once we have a sense of who all will be participating.

If you’re interested, please email Julie Kientz at for an add code.

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