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Sponsor Student Projects

The Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering offers a range of opportunities for sponsoring student projects, including capstone projects, usability studies, directed research groups, and design jams.

Project sponsors can gain fresh perspectives, actionable insights, and discover solutions that drive their ideas forward while supporting the development of the next generation of human-centered design professionals.

Propose a Capstone Project
Capstone projects serve as a culmination of students' academic journeys in HCDE. Proposals are accepted every summer and early fall for the students to explore in winter through spring quarters. 

Propose a Usability Studies Project
In HCDE's winter quarter Usability Studies course, students work on evaluating the user experience, identifying usability issues, and proposing improvements to client-proposed projects.

Propose a Research Topic
Research sponsors run a Directed Research Group in conjunction with a member of HCDE's faculty. Sponsored research requires a high level of involvement and therefore provides the greatest amount of interaction with students and faculty. 

Propose a Design Jam
Design Jams are short events where industry sponsors present a focused design problem or topic for student teams to tackle in a condensed timeframe, typically one evening to one weekend.