Propose a Class Project

HCDE Corporate Affiliates at the Strategic Partner Level are encouraged to submit proposals for class projects. 

A class project is a real-world, industry project conducted in an HCDE class, and it is a great way to involve HCDE faculty and students with your company. These projects generally are small in scale and can run anywhere from three weeks to an entire ten-week quarter.

Class projects are overseen by the instructor and are more structured than Capstone Projects.

How it Works

Here is an example of a successful industry project in a class offered in HCDE:

A local ecommerce vendor had developed a new shopping experience for visitors to its site. The design of the customer experience, however, was based on an unproven model. A UX manager at the ecommerce company contacted an instructor in an upcoming usability testing class, asking if students might be interested in designing and conducting user tests of the new prototype. The instructor agreed that such an experience would fit the learning goals of the class and created assignments that would align with class goals and provide potentially useful insights for the company.

The company provided appropriate feedback at critical junctures in the quarter, as well as providing funds to make the user tests possible. At the end of the quarter, representatives from the company were invited to a class session for student presentations and they provided industry-perspective critiques of the classwork the students had engaged in.

We can help you identify an appropriate course and corresponding academic quarter to propose your project. Please contact us at hcdecap@uw.edu to discuss your options.