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Propose a Usability Studies Project

HCDE welcomes usability study proposals from industry and academic partners. In HCDE's usability studies course, students engage in product and user research, formulate an appropriate usability study, conduct the study, and analyze and report on their findings.

How it works

  • Deadline to submit projects: December 15 (priority);  January 6 (firm deadline)
    • Proposal form opens by November
  • Team size: 3-4 students
  • Duration: 10 weeks (January - March)
  • Student level: Master's
  • Expected output: Report and presentation summarizing finding and recommendations
  • Expected sponsor commitment: An introduction to the product, review of final report or presentation, and access to users or potential users and the product. A mid quarter check-in is often beneficial but not required. There is no cost to propose a usability studies project.

Submit a project proposal

HCDE accepts usability project proposals in autumn quarter for the winter usability studies course. To help you scope a project, please review this example usability studies syllabus. Students generally complete an initial study proposal, an interaction or experience map, a study plan, a study kit, and a final report and presentation.
To discuss your plans and be notified when the project proposal form opens, email Melissa Ewing at


If you are interested in sponsoring a larger-scale project for either the undergraduate or graduate level, you may be interested in sponsoring a capstone project. Feel free to contact us at to discuss your options.

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HCDE students may conduct a portion of their user testing for this course remotely, through the generous support of UserTesting.