Propose a Capstone Project

Every year, HCDE offers Capstone classes at both the undergraduate and graduate level to students as a culminating experience that synthesizes materials learned across all courses within their degree programs.

Capstone projects are student-run, large-scale projects that encompass two quarters of student work. Students work in small groups creating project proposals, project roadmaps and interim milestones. Sponsor involvement can be as little as providing project ideas or as much as full-on mentoring. CAP members decide their degree of involvement.

Strategic Partner members of HCDE's Corporate Affiliates Program receive one free Capstone project per year of membership. Non-members may sponsor Capstone projects at the cost of $2,500 per project. If your project is not selected by a student team, you will not be charged for submitting.

  • Master's Capstones take place in Fall and Winter Quarters. Deadline for project proposal submission is the first day of Fall Quarter.
  • Bachelor's Capstones take place in Winter and Spring Quarters. Deadline for project proposal submission is the first day of Winter Quarter.
  • Project proposals can be submitted for both MS and BS programs.
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Capstone Project Guidelines

Capstone Project topics should be broad enough for students to spend an entire quarter on them (plus a planning quarter), and they should touch on at least two components of the human-centered design process: user research, ideation, prototyping, implementation, and evaluation.