Past Capstone Projects

HCDE offers capstone classes to both undergraduate and graduate level students as a culminating experience that synthesizes materials learned across all courses within their degree program.

HCDE capstone projects provide the opportunity for UW students and industry partners to work together to address real-world issues in human-centered design and engineering. Follow the links below and to the right to see posters and videos of past Capstone projects completed by HCDE undergraduate and graduate students. 

Students in the University of Washington's department of Human Centered Design & Engineering describe their experience researching, designing, and prototyping an assistive technology system as part of the HCDE undergraduate capstone course.


Project Sponsor Testimonial

"We were very, very, impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness of [the students'] efforts. The physician workflow in the emergency department is complex and highly variable. In a short period of time, the team was able to analyze that workflow through interviews and direct observation, identify relevant pain points, iteratively attack those pain points, mock up software solutions, create a professional-quality video to illustrate their work, and back it up with a comprehensive deck. Kudos and thanks to the team, and to the HCDE department for addressing very relevant issues in clinical IT."Carl Spitzer, MD; CEO of Healium