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Propose a Capstone Project

Every year, HCDE offers capstone classes to both undergraduate and graduate level students as a culminating experience that synthesizes materials learned across all courses within their degree program.

HCDE Capstone Project Sponsorship with Microsoft

Hear from the team at Microsoft Support about their experience sponsoring an HCDE capstone project. 


About HCDE Capstones

HCDE capstones provide the opportunity for UW students and industry partners to work together to address real-world issues using human-centered design and engineering. Capstone projects are student-run, large-scale projects that encompass two quarters of student work. Projects should touch on at least two components of the human-centered design: user research, ideation, prototyping, and evaluation. Occasionally, students engage in implementation as well, depending on student background.

Project Proposal Guidelines Submit a Capstone Proposal

Interested in learning more and discussing project ideas? Contact

How to Support a Student-Led Capstone Project

Submit project proposal 
Faculty capstone instructors review all proposals and assign them to either a Bachelor's or Master's program cohort for pitch day, based on best fit (preferences can be indicated and will be considered).

Deadline: October 15

Pitch day + teams formed
Companies pitch projects to students at UW campus. Students select projects and form teams of 3 to 5 students.


Requested Supporter commitment
Requested $5,000 tax-deductible donation to support overall industry and community collaboration programming.

Due by project launch (January)

Project work + mentorship
Capstone teams work on projects for two quarters, including one planning quarter. It is recommended that supporting companies provide at least one mentor to meet with the team regularly for the duration of the project.

January – June

Project completed + project presentations at HCDE Capstone Showcase

Early June

Benefits of supporting a project

  • Get hundreds of hours from a team of students skilled in user research, human-centered design methods, and interaction design
  • Discover a fresh perspective on a problem or area of interest
  • Connect with UW and gain recognition as a valued HCDE supporter
  • Receive leadership opportunities for company mentors
  • Gain in-depth student interaction and opportunity for recruitment

Note: Typically, student projects do not require an IRB (institutional review board), however, if supporters do require an IRB, we ask that the sponsor applies for an IRB in October or November and contact