External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board advises the Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) Chair and assists HCDE faculty regarding program promotion, curriculum innovation, job placement, and evaluation.

Board Members

Tamara AdlinTamara Adlin 

Tamara Adlin is the president of adlin, inc., a customer experience strategy company in Seattle. She has worked with companies from Apple to Zillow and many in between, including big redesigns for Brooks Brothers and the UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization, and helping to launch Poppin, Pro.com, and Brickworks. She started adlin, inc., to help solve the real problems companies face when they try to create products people love—especially startups and ecommerce companies. Her focus is on...focus! She believes that teams who can develop and stick with a crystal-clear focus on their users are in the best position to create really great products and meet their business objectives. She co-authored The Persona Lifecycle: Keeping People in Mind Throughout Product Design with Microsoftie John Pruitt, and The Essential Persona Lifecycle, published in May 2010. Previously,  Tamara was a Customer Experience Specialist at Amazon.com. Before that she led user experience work at a series of startups. She has a Master’s Degree in Technical Communication from UW, and has always been fascinated with the problem of getting lots of people from different teams to communicate and work well together.

Jenny BlackburnJenny Blackburn

An alumna of the Human Centered Design & Engineering program, Jenny Blackburn has spent the past 10+ years working with industry-leading companies to create user-centered programs that result in shipping great experiences. Currently she leads user research and concept development for Amazon shopping. Previous experience includes three years as an independent consultant, and 6 years as the director of usability at Getty Images.

Jenny is passionate about user-centered methods and the impact that they can have and loves sharing this passion with others. She is an occasional part-time lecturer for HCDE 517, Usability Testing, and has taught as a consulting instructor for an international usability certification organization.

Suzanne BoydSuzanne Boyd

Suzanne Boyd is Founder & Principal Consultant of Anthro-Tech, Inc.—a user-centered design consultancy focused on government agencies, nonprofits and organizations with a social-impact mission. Anthro-Tech is one of the leading user experience firms in the Northwest. Much of their work focuses on websites, web applications, software systems and internet business strategy.

In addition to her considerable experience helping dozens of state and federal agencies with e-government strategy and initiatives she has also had the opportunity to work with a number of other exciting organizations to transform how they engage their audiences. From the largest private foundation in the world to a small group of developers working to create a cutting-edge application, Suzanne and her team get to collaborate with great clients on interesting projects.

Suzanne Boyd teaches at the University of Washington as an Affiliate Assistant Professor in Human Centered Design & Engineering. Suzanne has a keen interest in connecting the academic world with industry practitioners in the UX community.

Kelly FranznickKelly Franznick

Kelly Franznick is founder and CEO of Blink, a user experience research and design firm. At Blink, he manages company strategy and engagements with clients that range from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Prior to starting Blink in 2000, Kelly led user-centered design projects at E-Lab (acquired by Sapient Corporation) Lexant, and Immersant. Kelly has a Bachelor of Science in Design from Arizona State University's Design School where he studied industrial design and human factors. He also holds a Master of Design degree, specializing in Human-Centered Design, from the Institute of Design in Chicago.

Jerrod LarsonJerrod Larson

Jerrod Larson is a User Experience (UX) Manager at Qualtrics, a software company that develops tools to gather, view, and take action on customer and employee insights. Prior to Qualtrics Jerrod held various UX leadership roles at Alaska Airlines, Amazon, and Boeing. Jerrod holds a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy from the Human Centered Design & Engineering department, and has written extensively on UX-related matters. View Jerrod's portfolio online at jerrodlarson.com

Mary Lou MaherMary Lou Maher

Mary Lou Maher is Professor and Chair of Software and Information Systems at UNC Charlotte and Honorary Professor of Design Computing in the Design Lab at the University of Sydney. At UNC Charlotte she has established a concentration in HCI in the BA in Computer Science and in the MS in Information Technology. She has established a Design Studio and is currently setting up a Maker Space in the Department of Software and Information Systems. While at the University of Sydney, she created a new undergraduate degree called a Bachelor of Design Computing. While a Program Director at NSF, she started a funding program called CreativeIT. Dr. Maher’s research interests include: cognitive effects of embodied interaction modalities, computational and cognitive models of creativity analytics, and design patterns for active learning strategies in CS education.

Jeff Pettiross

Jeff Pettiross

Jeff Pettiross has been dreaming about information design and user experience since he was a kid, spending hours sketching out interface elements for games he would write on his TRS-80. Since then, he has spent the last 25 years designing software and information visualizations in diverse fields including data analysis and visualization, healthcare, project management, desktop software, and engineering. Along the way, he contributed to nearly 100 patents for design in desktop and tablet computing, and was fortunate enough to have founded three and sold two software firms. Now, he tries to model respectful and thoughtful leadership while he races to keep up with the great ideas generated by the rest of Tableau Software.

Matt Shobe

Matt Shobe

Matt was a co-founder of FeedBurner and led user experience design efforts with this popular service for blog publishers, podcasters, and commercial producers of syndicated content. (He also designed the logo and was entrusted to order pad thai in bulk for all board meetings.) Prior to the feeds, Matt worked with the same three other co-founders on two startups (Spyonit and DKA) and learned the ground rules in user experience roles with Accenture and Microsoft, and in graduate school at UW's Human Centered Design & Engineering department. Matt was the Chief Design Officer at Seattle start-up bigdoor.com and is an avid distance runner, private pilot, and skier, although no such triathlon exists (yet). He was the founder of HCDE's Shobe Prize for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Kent SullivanKent Sullivan

Kent Sullivan is a Principal UX Researcher in the Microsoft Engineering Excellence Group and an affiliate faculty member in Human Centered Design & Engineering department. His career spans 21 years at Microsoft, all in UX research. Kent was the recipient of the Myron L. White award in 2009.

Ron WakkaryRon Wakkary

Ron Wakkary is a Professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) where he established the Everyday Design Studio, a design research studio that explores interaction design. He is also a Design United Visiting Professor and Chair of the Impact of Interaction Design on Everyday Life in the Industrial Design Department at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Wakkary’s research investigates the changing nature of interaction design in response to everyday design practices like home life, DIY, amateur experts, hobbyists, and sustainability. In the spirit of design research,Wakkary’s research aims to be reflective and generative, creating new interaction design prototypes and uncovering new, emergent practices of design that help to shape both design and its relations to technologies. Wakkary publishes regularly in design, human-computer-interaction, and tangible computing journals and conferences. He is an Editor-in-Chief of ACM interactions, Director of the Interaction Design Research Centre at SFU, member of the SIGCHI Executive Committee, and a member of the Steering Committees for Tangible Embedded/Embodied Interaction (TEI) and Designing Interactive Systems (DIS).

Carolyn WeiCarolyn Wei

Carolyn Wei is a user experience research lead at Facebook. She has previously worked as a user experience researcher for Microsoft and Google. She studies consumers and enterprise users in the lab and in the wild. Carolyn received a PhD from Human Centered Design and Engineering (then known as Technical Communication) at the University of Washington in 2007, where she studied technology use in digitally emergent settings.