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David McDonald

Autumn 2022

Analyzing How UX Practitioners Communicate AI Enabled Apps

Note this DRG is full for autumn and no longer accepting applicants.

Help us analyze design pitches for proof of concept AI-enabled apps! We’ve collected design pitches (e.g. slide decks, documents) created by UX professionals who we challenged to prototype and pitch a proof-of-concept app that uses AI. This DRG will be focused on analyzing those artifacts to better understand how practitioners communicate to stakeholders the promises and challenges of AI in the context of the UX design process. Through our analysis, we hope to identify recommendations to better support UX practitioners when they communicate designs for AI-enabled apps. The end goal of this DRG is to submit a paper to the ACM Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) conference in early 2023. 

In this DRG, you will learn how to:

  • Systematically and qualitatively analyze visual artifacts created by UX practitioners to communicate an AI-enabled app
  • Identify trends and insights from the analysis
  • Turn trends and insights into concrete guidelines for practitioners as well as an academic paper

The benefits for you are:

  • Getting first-hand exposure to working at the intersection of AI and UX
  • Learning how UX practitioners communicate technical concepts so you can incorporate them into your own work
  • Helping to create guidelines or recommendations that make direct contributions to HCI/UX industry and academic communities
  • Obtaining DRG credits for fall quarter

Note this DRG is full for autumn and no longer accepting applicants. Previous applicants will receive a notification from the DRG leaders before the first day of the quarter.

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