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David McDonald

Spring 2024

Exploring LLMs for UX Design Critique

Your faculty hosts:

  • Dr. Tyler Fox
  • Dr. David W. McDonald

Can an LLM generate a design critique? Well … sure it can. But is it any good? How would you know?

User experience professionals will soon encounter all types of tools driven by LLMs, GPT, or AI that will claim to make their jobs easier, provide feedback, and assess usability of their designs. Having a clear understanding of what these tools can or cannot provide will be important to being an effective professional in the new world of UX.

This DRG will explore how GPT and LLMs can be used to provide important design feedback on early stage design artifacts. Participants in this DRG will work with their own early stage designs - perhaps something they already have designed. Those designs will then be used to examine the quality and effectiveness of different types of critique generated by LLMs. Students will qualitatively evaluate the LLM generated critique to understand the different qualities of LLM feedback. During the quarter, students will work to engineer a ChatGPT prompt that will provide a selected form of critique.

What students can expect to learn by participating in this DRG:

  • Styles and forms of UX critique
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of feedback content
  • Prompt engineering techniques for ChatGPT

Skills that would allow you to be successful in this DRG include:

  • The ability to give and interpret (receive) critique
  • Basic technical skills (e.g., ability to understand or learn JSON markup)

This is a 2 credit DRG and will be conducted in-person on Tuesdays 3:30-5 p.m. 

Interested undergraduate and graduate students should fill out this Google Form by Wednesday March 13 for earliest consideration. We will begin informing students accepted to the DRG by Friday, March 15.

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