Mark Zachry

Autumn 2017

Working Conditions in the Online Economy

Led by Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dr. Toni Ferro


The emergence of the online economy (also known as the gig economy, the platform economy, the on-demand economy, or the peer economy) raises new questions about the working conditions of a variety of workers. The research discussed in this DRG will examine the working conditions of house cleaners working through Handy and/or Taskrabbit. This research has been funded by the National Domestic Workers Alliance.  


The members of this directed research group will have the opportunity to participate in data analysis and discussion of qualitative data. The data will have already been gathered through interviews and focus groups with house cleaners and their advocates. Data analysis will consist of systematic coding using qualitative data analysis tools. Members will also be encouraged to discuss the themes they are finding in the data. This work may lead to a conference poster or paper.

Credits: 2 credits


1 weekly meeting on Wednesday, 4:00-5:00pm
5 hrs outside of meeting doing project related work


Members must be upper level undergraduates or graduate students interested in the working conditions of workers in the online economy. To enroll, you must have already completed HCDE 313 or have graduate standing in HCDE.

Note: This DRG is not currently accepting applications for Autumn 2017.


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