Mark Zachry

Spring 2018

Supporting Collaborative Search with ComeTogether

Led by Mark Zachry, Ray Hong, and Mia Suh

Do you search for places using services like Yelp, Airbnb, or TripAdvisor? Have you ever searched for places to go with your partner, family members, or friends?

This research group will extend our ongoing research into how to improve distributed collaborative searching to support group decision-making. Through previous work, we have designed, developed, and evaluated a new approach called  Collaborative Dynamic Queries (C-DQ). Recently our team created a system called ComeTogether, which allows a group of people to search for recreational locations together. This winter quarter we will design and conduct a deployment study with real users.

Activities for this research group will include working with the research team to develop interview protocols, conduct pre-/post-interviews, analyze data, and potentially prepare a research paper. We are looking for students with prior experiences or interest in qualitative research. We plan to work with 5-6 students who have an interest in the topic and/or have prior experience in conducting interviews and analyzing qualitative data. To enroll, you must be admitted to an HCDE degree program and should have completed some coursework, such as HCDE 313/418/518 or HCDE 417/517.

Participants may enroll for 2-3 credit hours (credit/no credit grade) of HCDE 496/596.

Please contact Ray Hong (, Mia Suh(, and Mark Zachry ( with brief description of (1) your motivation for applying this DRG along with (2) your user research experience (include resume or website if available).

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