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Leah Findlater

Autumn 2022

Current Trends in Accessibility Research

This directed research group will focus on understanding and synthesizing current trends in accessibility research for people with disabilities. By reading and analyzing a selection of recent research papers (e.g., from CHI and ASSETS 2022), we will examine questions such as: What types of research problems are most commonly being addressed? What range of populations are included? What models of disability are explicitly or implicitly employed? What research opportunities exist?

We will meet weekly to discuss one or more readings and to reflect on directions for future work. Students will be expected to submit reading reflections and/or to help lead the weekly discussions. This DRG will be led by Emma McDonnell, Abigale Stangl, and Leah Findlater.

Expectations. This DRG is for 2 credit hours. Students are expected to attend the weekly meetings Wednesdays 2:30-3:30 p.m. PT and to spend 2-4 hours outside of class each week reading and responding to the readings to prepare for the group meeting. This DRG will be conducted online. (Note: A 1-credit hour only option may also be possible, but please discuss this in advance with the professor.) The first meeting of the DRG will be 10/5/22. 

Who can apply? Students at any level who are excited about reading peer-reviewed research papers and participating in academic research-oriented discussions are welcome to apply.
How to apply? Space in this DRG is limited. Please complete this form by Sunday September 25 at 11:59 p.m.

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