Andrew Davidson

Note: The DRG, HCD charrette for K-12 outreach is no longer offered for Spring 2020.

Spring 2020

Exploring the Impact of Outreach in Engineering Education

Over the past 5 years, HCDE has engaged in outreach to K-12 students through design charrettes in classrooms, libraries, and community centers across Washington State. This program has helped K-12 students in under-represented areas with college readiness.

These design charrettes have been facilitated by many UW students, primarily undergraduates. Beyond the value of the charrettes to the K-12 students, we hypothesize that the experiences and reflections of the UW student facilitators have been beneficial to their own learning. 

In this DRG, we will continue to work on an exploratory study to understand the impact the HCDE K-12 Outreach program has had on students who have led the design charrettes. We will be conducting qualitative interviews with former HCDE outreach facilitators to understand their experiences. This research will contribute to a better understanding of service learning and how outreach can help support undergraduate engineering education.

We are looking for students who have experience with, or a willingness to learn about qualitative research and STEAM outreach and engineering education. This DRG will offer participants an opportunity to work on a research project from its outset.

Planned activities:

  • A literature review on outreach and college access programs, STEAM pipeline, college access, reflective learning, engineering education
  • Building and running a semi-structured interview protocol
  • Analyzing interview data to understand cross-cutting themes

Note: this DRG is currently closed to new students

Questions? Please contact:

  • Andrew Davidson <>, HCDE faculty, K-12 Outreach director
  • Taryn Bipat <>, HCDE PhD student, K-12 Outreach coordinator
  • Wendy Roldan <>, HCDE PhD student, K-12 Outreach coordinator

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