Kate Starbird

Winter 2018

Understanding the Impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Ricans through Social Media (En Español)

HCDE Asst. Professor Kate Starbird is seeking a few students to join a Winter Quarter Directed Research Group (research for credit) looking at the impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Ricans. Particularly, we are looking for students who can help with qualitative analysis of Spanish language social media and/or have contextual knowledge of Puerto Rico. Students from all departments and all levels are welcome to apply. 

If you are ...

  • fully bilingual and/or culturally fluent in contemporary Puerto Rican culture
  • have some interest in qualitative analysis of large scale social media data sets and/or want to do research to help people in crisis 
  • can commit 6 hours of work per week (3 credit hours) for Winter Quarter

please drop a line to expressing your interest and relevant background. 


Autumn 2017

2017–2018 DRG on Online Rumoring, Misinformation and Disinformation during Crisis Events

We are exploring several research questions about how rumors, misinformation, and disinformation spread online during crisis events (e.g. natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey and terrorist attacks). In related projects, we are looking at 1) how online rumors change over time; 2) the role that journalists and other “professional” media play in spreading and correcting rumors; 3) how intentional disinformation is spread during crisis events.

We need students with various skill sets, including:

  • motivated and dedicated qualitative researchers with extensive experience studying and/or using social media (for example: Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat)
  • students with programmatic data science skills (e.g. Python, MySQL, R, Tableau, Gephi)
  • students with web scraping skills (e.g. using APIs, creating a web scraper for specific URLs)
  • students with some experience applying machine learning techniques to big data

Meetings times are TBD. This DRG can be taken for 2-3 credits.

If you are interested in applying to participate in this group, please send an email to that includes a resume or CV and a written statement or cover letter describing why you would like to be in the group, what you can offer the group, and what you hope to learn by being a part of the group. If you have specific research questions (ours or your own) that you hope to explore within our project, please describe those.

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