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Kate Starbird

Spring 2024

Dehumanizing and Problematic Imagery about Latin American* Migration in the 2024 Presidential Election

Run by: Nina Lutz, PhD Student, HCDE
Supervisor: Professor Kate Starbird

Note this DRG is full for Spring 2024 and no longer accepting applications.

This DRG aims to develop methods, research questions, literature reviews, and tools to analyze rumors around harmful rhetoric at the US-Mexico land border. In particular, this DRG will focus on visual media (memes, short and long-form videos, photos, infographics, etc) that aims to dehumanize and spread rumors about and within intersectionally marginalized migration populations, particularly Latin American migrants and refugees at the US-Mexico land border. 

Students will first work together to create a literature review of related work. Then they will divide into two groups to design and embark upon either a primarily qualitative or primarily quantitative research study. Students will have an opportunity to continue this research in Fall of 2024 to complete the research study and to be on subsequent publications from this research.

Capacity: 8 students 

Student Requirements:

  • Strong interest in visual media
  • Strong interest in mis/disinformation
  • Strong interest in social media 
  • Basic understanding or willingness to learn about the American Presidential Election and American Legislative Government Structure
  • Power users of social media are encouraged to apply (TikTok, Instagram, X, etc)
  • Spanish language proficiency is a huge plus but not a requirement

The Quantitative Team will meet for 1 hour a week. The Qualitative Team will have a 2 hour weekly meeting. These meetings will be scheduled based on the students admitted. 

This DRG is full for Spring 2024 and no longer accepting applications.

Questions? Email 

* We will for this DRG focus on migration and refugee populations, particularly from Latin America (including Haiti and the Caribbean Islands) but open to other migrations based on real-world events (ie, individuals from the Middle East). 

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