Kate Starbird

Summer 2019

To reply or to quote?: Conversational frames on Twitter

How we interact with simple design features on online platforms can lead to larger consequences. For example, downstream threads that emerge from replied tweets vs quoted tweets can support different kinds of conversational frames. For investigating this further, we are organizing a Directed Research Group (DRG) 'To reply or to quote?: Conversational frames on Twitter' this summer 2019. There is also a possibility to get involved in a research publication at the end of the DRG.

We are looking for students who:

Are curious about human conversations on social media
Have some experience or want to learn qualitative research methods
Are keen to learn about experimental designs
Want to register for 3-4 summer credits (i.e. 9-12 hours of weekly work)

The group will be facilitated by PhD student Himanshu Zade and advised by Prof. Kate Starbird and Prof. Gary Hsieh. If you are excited to participate, please send a cover letter (explaining your interest) and resume to Himanshu ( 

Spring 2019

HCI, Journalism & Misinformation: Understanding how journalists process, analyze and make sense of data

In today’s online environment, journalists deal with an evolving landscape of information available through new and social medias, requiring them to process, analyze and visualize large amounts of data. Journalists also need to deal with the presence of media manipulation, the artificial amplification of certain issues in order to get journalists to cover them. In order to help combat these issues, HCI can help study journalists’ work and provide tools and techniques to better enable them to work in this type of environment.

The goals of this DRG are to better understanding what challenges journalists face when using data, what tools have been developed to combat those challenges, and how those tools can be improved upon. We will be examining current practices, conducting interviews, and analyzing the data to formulate the needs of the journalists and designs that could help reach their goals

We are looking for motivated students who are interested in journalism, and addressing the problems of misinformation and disinformation online.  

This will be a 2-credit hour course for HCDE 496 / 596. The group will meet on Tuesday afternoons. The group will be facilitated by PhD students Melinda McClure Haughey and Spencer Williams with guidance from Dr. Kate Starbird. 

Note: this research group is at capacity for Spring 2019


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