Tyler Fox

Winter – Spring 2021

The UX of Climate Change: Western Red Cedar Dieback

How do we notice and experience climate change? How might we design human-centered experiences that contribute to science, while also considering the impact on local communities? In this DRG, we will partner with Forest Health Watch and approach these questions through Western red cedar dieback.

Western red cedars are a critical organism in PNW forests. Environmentally, they perform critical roles such as storing carbon, filtering water, and cleaning the air. Western red cedars also have cultural importance with many indigenous communities. Currently, Western red cedars are dying back across the region, most likely caused by climate change. Scientists believe that Western red cedars offer a unique opportunity to track the effects of climate change in our region.

In Spring 2021, we will shift focus from current conditions and solutions to consider future conditions. Drawing upon discursive design techniques, we will seek ways to understand, imagine, and envision future states of a changing world. 

This DRG is at capacity for Spring 2021 and no longer accepting applications

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