January 30, 2019 

Design Trouble Symposium

HCDE Assistant Professor Daniela Rosner is on a multidisciplinary team of University faculty bringing together educators, activists, artists, designers, and others for a symposium on the past and future of design practice.


January 25, 2019 

Senior Aleenah Ansari writes Seattle Times article on the importance of storytelling

In a recent article in The Seattle Times, HCDE senior Aleenah Ansari shared her own story about finding a place in Engineering - even without seeing herself represented in the stories and textbooks around her.


January 22, 2019 

Announcing new HCDE study abroad opportunity in London

Join Human Centered Design & Engineering faculty members Drs. Brock Craft and Tyler Fox on an international exploration of issues and current topics in human-centered design. The program is open to students across UW, and dates of instruction are Sept. 1-22, 2019.


January 17, 2019 

HCDE PhD student Os Keyes receives inaugural Ada Lovelace Fellowship from Microsoft Research

This fellowship will support Keyes’ work in auditing facial recognition systems for bias, along the axes of gender, disability and race, with a focus on trans-inclusive methodologies


January 15, 2019 

HCDE at Interaction Week 2019

HCDE students and faculty will share their discoveries and design-thinking methodologies with an international audience at the Interactions 19 Conference.


January 9, 2019 

Professors Starbird and Kolko discuss social media networks on KUOW

HCDE Professors Beth Kolko and Kate Starbird believe online social networks have potential to bring people together for the greater social good, if our platforms are designed with the user’s best interests in mind.


December 19, 2018 Columns Magazine

Engineering a helpful future

Samantha Gil Vargas (BS '18) knew she wanted to help others. At the UW she learned that helping begins with listening.


December 17, 2018 

Upcoming lecture by Giovanna Scalone on designing reflection activities for students

Giovanna Scalone, a research scientist in HCDE, will present her research on designing reflection activities for students as part of the Frontiers in Higher Education Research Seminar, organized by the University of Washington's Center for Teaching and Learning.


December 14, 2018 

Meal Matchup Video

Meal Matchup, a project led by HCDE faculty member Irini Spyridakis, facilitates food recovery at the University of Washington through an open source, food donation matching software. Take a look at how it all works in this new promotional video with scenes from the UW, Seattle, our food deliverers, and more.


December 4, 2018 

Student Madisen Arurang on engineering scholarship impact

Receiving a scholarship enabled HCDE student Madisen Arurang to make the most of her UW Engineering experience. Watch Madisen and Chemical Engineering student David Juergens describe how donors have made an impact on their education in a new video by the UW College of Engineering.


December 3, 2018 

CSCW 2018 student reflections

In November 2018, several HCDE students received department awards to travel to Jersey City to attend and present at the Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW). Students Michael Beach, Os Keyes, Kenya Mejia, Andrew Neang, Wendy Roldan, and Yihan Yu reflect on their experiences.


November 21, 2018 

Human-Centered Design Charettes for K-12 Outreach

A new article about HCDE's K-12 outreach program, co-authored by HCDE PhD student Elena Agapie and Senior Lecturer Andrew Davidson, is published in the November-December 2018 issue of Interactions magazine.


November 20, 2018 

Cecilia Aragon gives plenary address at Supercomputing Conference

HCDE Professor Cecilia Aragon gave a plenary address on the human aspects of data science to a crowd of 13,000 attendees at the 2018 Supercomputing Conference in Dallas, Texas.


November 19, 2018 

Meghna Bhairappa presents Meal Matchup at national sustainability conference

Meghna Bhairappa, Master's student in Human Centered Design & Engineering, presented the interdisciplinary Meal Matchup project at the nation's largest conference focused on sustainability in higher education.


November 16, 2018 UW Civil Engineering

Data base

HCDE research scientist Scott Miles is on an interdisciplinary team aimed at collecting, assessing, and archiving high-quality perishable data in the aftermath of disasters, to inform the development of resilient communities. Story via UW Civil Engineering.


November 6, 2018 

2018 HCDE Career Fair recap

The Human Centered Design & Engineering 2018 Career Fair, held Nov. 1, 2018, was the department's largest to date welcoming 23 employers and nearly 500 students. The 2018 event saw record number of HCDE alumni representing their employers to recruit current students.


October 29, 2018 

Cynthia Bennett awarded Best Student Paper at ASSETTS 2018

HCDE PhD student Cynthia Bennett received the Best Student Paper Award at the 20th International Conference on Computers and Accessibility for her paper, "Interdependence as a Frame for Assistive Technology Research and Design."


October 20, 2018 

Video: HCDE alumnus Alex Thayer presents at DUB Seminar

Human Centered Design & Engineering three-time alumnus Alex Thayer (PhD, '12; MS, '04; BS '00), Chief Experience Architect and Director of the Immersive Experiences Lab at HP, returned to campus in October 2018 to deliver a talk for the UW DUB community.


October 9, 2018 UW Engineering

Dissecting disinformation

HCDE Assistant Professor Kate Starbird analyzes how false information spreads online. In a new interview with the College of Engineering, Starbird describes what it’s like to study information that’s disseminated to mislead, how it affects all of us, and how to be a savvier consumer of online content.


October 2, 2018 

Lucas Colusso reports on Designing Interactive Systems conference

In June 2018, HCDE PhD student Lucas Colusso attended the Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) conference in Hong Kong, thanks to support from HCDE and the UW Graduate School. Colusso reflects on his experience here.


September 26, 2018 

2018 HCDE Research Mixer

The Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering hosted a research mixer on September 24, 2018, which featured lightning style talks by UW faculty and industry partners about the latest research and trends in human-centered design.


September 21, 2018 

Os Keyes to give talk on trans erasure and algorithmic bias

On October 4, 2018, HCDE PhD student Os Keyes will deliver a talk, "Encoding Gender: Bodies, Data & Identity in the Age of AI," as part of the Seattle University Mathematics Colloquium.


September 6, 2018

Mashable features Cecilia Aragon for work helping young Latinas pursue STEM

HCDE Professor Cecilia Aragon said she felt like she was "not smart enough" while she was completing her PhD. Now she's working to encourage her own students. "Often it only takes one voice," she says in this article.


September 2, 2018 

Wendy Roldan shares experience at 2018 Doctoral Engineering Research Showcase

HCDE strives to enrich the education of our students by supporting travel to conferences and workshops. In 2018, HCDE supported PhD student Wendy Roldan as she participated in the GEM-ASEE Doctoral Engineering Research Showcase. Wendy shares her experience and reflections here.


August 31, 2018 

Taryn Bipat presents Wikipedia research at OpenSym conference

HCDE strives to enrich the education of our students by supporting travel to conferences and workshops. HCDE recently supported PhD student Taryn Bipat as she attended the 2018 International Symposium on Open Collaboration (OpenSym) in Paris. Taryn shares her experience here.