August 22, 2019 

HCDE Professor Cecilia Aragon publishes new book on mentoring in the world of fan fiction

"Writers in the Secret Garden," a new book by HCDE Professor Cecilia Aragon and Katie Davis, explores the ways in which young people support and learn from each other through participation in online fanfiction communities.


August 13, 2019 UW News

Nancy Allbritton named dean of UW College of Engineering

Dr. Nancy Allbritton has been named the next Frank & Julie Jungers Dean of the College of Engineering, University of Washington Provost Mark Richards announced. Dr. Allbritton's appointment will start November 1, 2019.


August 6, 2019 UW News

Art therapy reduces headaches in teenage girls

In a pilot study led by HCDE Research Scientist Elin Björling, researchers explored art-based mindfulness activities that schools could use to reduce headaches, a common side effect of stress in adolescent girls. After three weeks of twice-weekly mindfulness and art therapy sessions, eight teenage girls reported experiencing significantly fewer headaches.


July 26, 2019 

HCDE alumni at work: Josh LaMar, Principal Design Research Manager

Josh LaMar (MS '06) is working as a Principal Design Research Manager at Microsoft, leading a team of researchers behind the Outlook platform. Catch up with LaMar as he describes his day-to-day at Microsoft in this video.


July 25, 2019 

Cecilia Aragon at Latina Leaders Summit

HCDE Professor Cecilia Aragon was an invited panelist at the Latina Leaders Summit, held on July 24 in Washington DC. Watch the full panel discussion, Breaking the STEM Barrier, here.


July 22, 2019 

Kate Starbird is a Principal Investigator at the new Center for an Informed Public

Kate Starbird, Assistant Professor of Human Centered Design & Engineering, is a Founding Co-Principal Investigator on a new center at the University of Washington to study the role of information in American democracy and the changing conditions of an informed society.


July 16, 2019 College of Engineering

Atari Women

HCDE research project unearths and celebrates the forgotten histories of women who helped shape the early days of Atari — and the computer gaming industry ever since.


July 12, 2019 

Phd Student Kathryn Shroyer receives best paper award from Design Studies Journal

The award-winning paper titled "Timescales and ideaspace: An examination of idea generation in design practice" is co-authored by HCDE Research Associate and Master’s alumna Terri Lovins (MS ‘16), HCDE Professors Jennifer Turns and Cynthia Atman; and Professor Monica Cardella, School of Engineering Education at Purdue University.


June 30, 2019 

Aleenah Ansari receives Library Research Award for storytelling project

Aleenah Ansari (BS 2019), received a Library Research Award from the University of Washington Libraries for her project Gentrification, Displacement, and the Question of Responsibility.


June 26, 2019 

John Porter named to MIT Technology Review 35 Innovators Under 35

John Porter, PhD student in Human Centered Design & Engineering, is recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of its 35 Innovators Under 35. Porter's work focuses on accessibility in video game design, and he is currently creating a system to help game developers build accessibility into the beginning stages of their designs.


June 26, 2019 

2019 Open House recap

The 2019 HCDE Open House & Capstone Showcase was held June 7, 2019, at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture. View the recipients of HCDE's annual Capstone awards and photos from the event here.


June 20, 2019 The Seattle Globalist

STEM networks aim to diversify tech fields

HCDE alumna Tsewone Melaku (BS '18), now a consulting analyst at Accenture, talks with The Seattle Globalist about hurdles she faced in pursuing Engineering, and how she's helping to remove barriers for the next generation of STEM professionals.


June 13, 2019 

2019 Graduation and Awards Ceremony

HCDE held its 2019 Graduation & Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, June 11. See the 2019 HCDE Award of Excellence recipients and a full list of graduates here.


June 5, 2019 

Leah Findlater promoted to associate professor

HCDE is pleased to announce the promotion of Dr. Leah Findlater to Associate Professor with tenure, effective at the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year. Dr. Findlater directs the Inclusive Design Lab, where she works with students to ensure that the next generation of mobile and wearable technologies are designed to meet the needs of the broadest range of users.


May 31, 2019 

Jing de Jong Chen establishes a future computing and science endowed fund for HCDE

Jing de Jong-Chen, Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, has established an endowed fund to support HCDE in developing new programs related to human-centered security and privacy.


May 31, 2019 The National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)

Sarah Inman on what it means to be a data ethnographer

HCDE PhD student Sarah Inman is studying the social dimensions of environmental data science. National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) catches up with Inman to hear about her work as a data ethnographer on the State of Alaska’s Salmon and People project.


May 31, 2019 

Atari Women Heroine Costume to be on exhibit at Hypnotica 2019

The Atari Women 8-bit Heroine Costume, a project created by HCDE students in the Atari Women research group, will be exhibited on June 6, 2019, as part of Hypnotica 2019: a DXARTS technological wearables fashion show.


May 23, 2019 Crosscut

A UW engineer explains how facial recognition tech erases trans people

After stints in law school and at Wikimedia, Ada Lovelace fellow Os Keyes is challenging tech companies to rethink the gender binary hardwired into their code. Read a new interview with HCDE PhD student Os Keyes on Crosscut.


May 23, 2019 

Graduating GSA President on building community through UW GO MAP

D'Marcus Butler, President of the HCDE Graduate Student Association, shares his story about how finishing his master's degree helped him reach new levels of personal growth, and how the UW's Graduate Opportunities and Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP) program helped him find a core community from which he can advocate for change to benefit future UW students.


May 7, 2019 

Julie Kientz promoted to full professor

HCDE is pleased to announce the promotion of Dr. Julie Kientz to full professor, effective at the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year. Dr. Kientz directs HCDE's Computing for Healthy Living & Learning Lab, where she works with students to design, develop, and evaluate applications of computing technology that aim to promote healthy lifestyles and education.


May 6, 2019 

HCDE faculty nominated by students for FACET awards

Students nominated faculty members who positively impacted their professional development for the inaugural FACET award by CC@E. Recognized faculty from HCDE include Dianne Hendricks, Gary Hsieh, Julie Kientz, Daniella Kim, Irini Spyridakis, Linda Wagner, and Jason Yip.


May 2, 2019 

Wendy Roldan awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

HCDE PhD student Wendy Roldan has received the prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship Program award from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Roldan is a second-year PhD student in HCDE working to research and improve makerspaces for women.


April 30, 2019 

Sean Munson on This is Design School Podcast

Chad P. Hall and Jp Avila, hosts of the This is Design School podcast, sat down with Human Centered Design & Engineering Associate Professor Sean Munson for a wide-ranging discussion of design education. In the 40-minute interview, Munson describes his background that led him to Engineering, what his day-to-day is like as a professor, and what he is currently researching.


April 29, 2019 UW Today

Patterns of compulsive smartphone use suggest how to kick the habit

HCDE undergraduates students Jonathan Tran and Katherine Yang, with UW iSchool faculty members Alexis Hiniker (HCDE PhD ' 17) and Katie Davis, conducted a study to understand what makes people compulsively check their phones and what experiences they find valuable. The team will present this work at the #chi2019 conference.


April 16, 2019 

Julie Kientz receives College of Engineering award for teaching

Awarded annually to one faculty member in the College of Engineering, the Faculty Award for Teaching recognizes Kientz for her innovative contributions to engineering education and her advocacy for and engagement with students both in and outside of the classroom.