April 27, 2015 

HCDE Takes to Flight

Researchers from HCDE’s Maritime Operational Information Sharing Analysis (MOISA) project visited the King County Sheriff’s Air Support Unit, and found themselves literally up in the air in a law enforcement helicopter.


April 24, 2015 

Engineering Discovery Days

Find HCDE students and faculty representing the department for the 100th anniversary of Engineering Discovery Days at the University of Washington, April 24-25, on the UW Seattle campus.


April 24, 2015 

Sean Munson Receives College of Engineering Award for Teaching

Assistant Professor Sean Munson is recognized by the Dean for his excellence in teaching.


April 16, 2015 

Recap: 2015 WiUX Conference

The HCDE student-run Women in User Experience (WiUX) conference brought representatives from across the Seattle UX industry for a day-long event of career discussions and workshops.


April 15, 2015 

Sean Munson Researches Fitness Commitment Behavior

New research by HCDE Assistant Professor Sean Munson suggests that people are less likely to set exercise commitments when they know those goals will be shared online.


April 14, 2015 UW Today

Reflective Learning Prepares Students for the Real World

HCDE Professor Cindy Atman gives keynote presentation about reflective learning at the UW Teaching and Learning Symposium.


April 14, 2015 

Inaugural WiUX Conference

HCDE undergraduate students organize the Puget Sound region’s inaugural Women in User Experience (WiUX) Conference in March 2015. HCDE Senior Gail Thynes describes the experience.


April 10, 2015 

Cindy Atman to Give Keynote at Teaching and Learning Symposium

HCDE Professor Cindy Atman will give the keynote presentation about using reflection to support learning at the UW's annual Teaching and Learning Symposium on Tuesday, April 14.


April 9, 2015 

Stereotypes and Misrepresentation in Image Search Results

A study conducted by HCDE Assistant Professor Sean Munson and his collaborators finds unequal gender representation in image search results for various careers.


April 8, 2015 UW Daily

Comics Attempt to Explain HCDE in a Playful and Accessible Way

The Daily UW covers the recent book release from Professor Charlotte Lee's Directed Research Group on comics design.


April 3, 2015 

MS Student Lindsey Arnold Attends Virtual Reality Conference

HCDE Master's student Lindsey Arnold shares her experience at the IEEE 3D User Interface and Virtual Reality conference in Arles, France.


April 2, 2015 

HCDE PhD Students Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

HCDE PhD students Cynthia Bennett and John Robinson are recipients of NSF 2015 Graduate Research Fellowships, the most prestigious graduate fellowships in science and engineering.


April 1, 2015 

Three HCDE Student Teams Win Capstone Design Awards

Three teams of HCDE undergrads are recipients of Capstone Design Awards from the College of Engineering for their Capstone Projects—the most HCDE teams ever to be awarded within the same cohort.


March 31, 2015 

2015 Master's Capstone Showcase

HCDE Master's students presented their Capstone projects to the public on March 17, 2015. Find final posters and videos from the 2015 projects here.


March 23, 2015 

HCDE Students Partner with Avvo

Students in HCDE 517 recently teamed up with Corporate Affiliates Program members, Avvo, for a usability studies project.


March 23, 2015 

HCDE Students Hack the Commute

UW engineering students team up at Seattle's #HacktheCommute event and develop a winning idea to help people with limited mobility navigate the city.


March 19, 2015 

Recap: CoSSaR Kickoff Event

Community and regional leaders gathered on March 16 to celebrate the public launch of the Center for Collaborative Systems for Security, Safety, and Regional Resilience (CoSSaR).


March 18, 2015 

WiUX Conference Registration Open

Registration for the student-run Women in UX Conference is now open to the greater UX community.


March 17, 2015 

Beth Kolko's Shift Labs Emerges from Y Combinator

Shift Labs, the medical technology startup founded by HCDE Professor Beth Kolko, is one of the startups emerging from Y Combinator’s Winter 2015 cohort.


March 11, 2015 ISE Blog

Mark Haselkorn Introduces CoSSaR to the Information Sharing Environment

Professor Haselkorn's blog post on describes how CoSSaR is increasing safety and security of the Puget Sound information environment.


March 9, 2015 UW Today

Emoticons The Gestures of Texting

HCDE Professor Cecilia Aragon and PhD student Nan-Chen Chen research how emoticon usage helps bilingual speakers communicate.


March 2, 2015 

Sean Munson Wins Best Paper Award at CHI Conference

HCDE Professor Sean Munson, with co-authors Matthew Kay and Cynthia Matuszek, wins Best Paper award for "Unequal Representation and Gender Stereotypes in Image Search Results for Occupations."


February 27, 2015 

Blink Offers Lab Time to HCDE Students

HCDE Corporate Affiliate, Blink UX, recently provided usability lab space to HCDE students. Blink catches up with Master's student Emma Bulajewski about the experience.


February 26, 2015 UX Mag

PhD Student Toni Ferro in UX Magazine

PhD student Toni Ferro discusses the real problem with the popular viral video "The Expert" in UX Magazine.


February 26, 2015 

Announcing 2015 Shobe Prize Winners

The two ideas pitched by UW students that will receive startup funding and support are Team Shamrock’s air-lift hand-truck, and team Raindrops’ mobile platform for micro-donations.