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Helping 18-24 year olds reflect and prepare for voting

Students: Mamiko Hirose, Julie Mills, Jessica Carr, John Zoshak

Votio encourages new voters to reflect on voting and government. 

Our capstone project focused on discovering the attitudes and behaviors of 18-24 y/o voters who historically under-participate in elections. To influence engagement, we designed Votio— Physical stickers on everyday objects prompting reflection and a QR code that leads to empathetic and educational content. 

To put our research and design into action in this year’s elections, we have partnered with Seattle non-profit Common Power and added current MS HCDE student, Tewelde Abraha, to our team.  We are excited to share that we’ve extended our work onto Instagram @votiofuture. Our account is collaborative and we welcome your ideas, artwork, and comments.  Follow us and help empower new voters.