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2020 Master's Capstone Projects

In the Human Centered Design & Engineering two-quarter capstone course, graduating students put into practice all they have gained throughout their coursework and apply it to an identified problem—either proposed by an industry affiliate or discovered by the students themselves.

HCDE students presented the below capstone projects at the 2020 HCDE Open House on June 8, 2020. View videos of the 2020 Master's capstone projects below.

Apartment searching with Google

Finding your next apartment that you can call home.
Students: Ivy Zhang, Yuhui Mao, Joyce Lu, Carol Yuan
Project sponsored by: Google

CBT-I chatbot for sleep

Helping breast cancer survivor to get a better sleep
Students: Putri Hiendarto, Priya Saraswat, Dmitry Levin, Ava Coe, Ariel Rios


Helping couples budget for their dream wedding
Students: Devin Min, Lynn Pham, Sondra Batbold, Steven Karrmann

Climate futures participatory workshop and decision canvas

Solastalgia support group for discursive post climate change visioning
Students: Dinah Coops, Julie T. Do, Christa Keizer, Kyle Thomas


Monitor data and locate problems on the go
Students: Kaiyue Fan, Ethan Xu, Yao Wang, Sally Tsang
Project sponsored by: Dell

Data Visualization for Social Impact

Empower every nonprofit organization with accountable success
Students: Tyler Fang, Jenny Lee, BoKang Xu, Haihua Zhang

DripAssist Mobile Monitor

Enabling mobile IV infusion monitoring
Students: Irina Smoke, David Rappaport, Emma Meersman, Andrew Waer
Project sponsored by: Shift Labs

Driver-Centered Infotainment Systems

Designing Human-Centered Infotainment Systems to Support Drivers’ Information and Safety Needs
Students: Cassandra Lee, Minkyong Kim, Rachel Kangas, Vanessa Cao
Project sponsored by: Telenav

Education Experience

Improving the education experience for caregivers at the Seattle Children’s Hospital Hearing loss clinic
Students: Anusha Bhaskarla, Dhwani Vekaria, Sarah Howell, Shivani Shah


A digital lifestyle assistant with an environmental conscience
Students: Ayush Sharma, Bella Chiu, Lin Pang, Steve Pennington

Emotions in Motion

Creating a supportive experience for foster pet parents
Students: Rachel Binnicker , Anna Davies, Dave Grochocki, Beverly van Daal
Project sponsored by: Adidas

Exercise Rx

Supporting patients in staying active for life
Students: Abhinav Yadav, James Choi, Prateek Mehra, Saurabh Phadnis
Project sponsored by: The Sports Institute at UW Medicine

Exercise Rx

I like to move it, move it!
Students: Connor O'Toole, Stefanie Gueorguieva, Carrie Ding, Jenn Chan
Project sponsored by: The Sports Institute at UW Medicine

From Kennel to Couch

Creating a supportive experience for foster pet parents
Students: Jessie Biondo, Vincent Diep, Maya Lord, Kennya Rodriguez


Turning place into a beacon for conversation
Students: Cyndi Thompson, Josh Holland, Jeff Matarrese, Dawn Ferguson

The Haptic Beanbag

Exploring and creating a design framework for haptic, touch-based interactions
Students: Nicole Alvarez, Kellie Dunn, Anirudh Ganesh, Cindy Feng

Living with the Future

A human-centered design fiction
Students: Jen Chiu, Devanshi Chauhan, Spencer Wilkerson, Christina Zheng

Olitor Clinician Dashboard

Streamlining clinician support for diet change
Students: Julia Pavone, Kent Tsai, Xue Teng, Sam Yang
Project sponsored by: UW School of Nursing

Oral Health is Health (OH2)

Platform designed to support behavior change and provide community, connection, and care for older adults with diabetes and other chronic conditions.
Students: Laura East, Christy Liao, Sung-Ju JI, Yeva T.
Project sponsored by: Philips Oral Healthcare


Empowering makers to design and prototype physical-digital experiences
Students: Gabi Duncombe, Savannah Ostrowski, Tanya Wang, Kelly Graham


Navigate the world. Sight unseen.
Students: Cyrus Majd, Caitlin Karpinski, Molly Olsen Gaynor, Mathias Burton

Supporting Student Workflow in Online Learning

The Next-Generation Learning Dashboard helps students focus on learning
Students: Erika Dillman, Michael Hsieh, Kim Wickens
Project sponsored by: UW Continuum College

Uber Aid

Helping local communities during emergency situations
Students: Helen Enguerra, Jenny Nguyen, Neha Kaura, Saurya Sinha
Project sponsored by: Uber

Ultrasound Plus

Manage Ultrasound Devices and Programs with ease
Students: Shreyans Gandhi, Kirti Kumari, Joey Wang, Josh Nelson

The Vision of Machine Learning in Smartsheet

Creating a research-driven vision of how machine learning can improve Smartsheet customer productivity.
Students: Madeline Kleiner, Madeleine Schulz, Joel Sytsma, Megha Gupta
Project sponsored by: Smartsheet

Volunteer Coordinator Playbook

Making common sense common practice: working with the Granite Curling Club to create a research-backed playbook that is reusable and customizable for any volunteer organization.
Students: Klare Frank, Alison Buchanan, Jami Odell, Jessica Schultz
Project sponsored by: Granite Curling Club


Helping 18-24 year olds reflect and prepare for voting
Students: Mamiko Hirose, Julie Mills, Jessica Carr, John Zoshak

XR Multitasking Design Guide

Helping designers and developers build user centered multitasking experiences in XR
Students: Camila Proffitt, Ian Page-Echols, Siddhant Patil