Current Students


Laptop Policy

All students majoring in Human Centered Design & Engineering are required to have a laptop they can use in classes and for their studies. See the Laptop Policy webpage for information about laptop specifications, and find many free or low cost software resources on the Technical Coursework and Software webpage.

Variable Credit Registration Policy

Students may take no more than 8 credits of variable credit that can be counted towards their degree. Variable credit courses include HCDE 496 and HCDE 499. More information about this and other policies is available on the Variable Credit page.

210 Credit Rule

Current students in HCDE who are not making progress to graduate, and reach 210 credits, will have a registration hold placed on their records for subsequent quarters, which may affect their ability to graduate in a timely manner. As a current student, if you are not registering for required HCDE core courses nor making successful progress to graduate, please contact your HCDE advisor to discuss your academic plan.

S/NS Grading

The policy regarding Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory grading is: 1. Students may choose the S/NS grading option only for free elective courses; 2. Students may not take courses on an S/NS basis if they are on probation; 3. A maximum of 6 credits may be taken S/NS in any one quarter.

Undergraduate Continuation Policy

While the University has general regulations governing scholastic eligibility for continuation, departments in the College of Engineering have adopted additional requirements in order to make the best use of the limited facilities and resources available and to provide reasonable assurance of academic success. Read more »