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Current Students


For current offerings, times, and locations, refer to the UW Time Schedule.

Current and upcoming courses for students enrolled in Human Centered Design & Engineering undergraduate program are indicated with an "X" below. Please check with your advisor for course sequencing when planning your course of study. Please also note that this information is subject to change.

Planned Undergraduate Course Schedule 
2024 - 2025 Academic Year

CORE 302 X X  
303   X X
308 X X X
310 X   X
313 X X X
315    X  X
316  X    
321 X X X
322 X X X
351    X  X 
ELECTIVE 410 X    
411   X X
412   X X
417 X X  
418     X
419 X    
438 X   X
439   X  
498 X    
CAPSTONE 492   X  
493     X

† HCDE 315, HCDE 316, and HCDE 351 are not required courses for HCDE students who declared the major prior to Autumn 2024. HCDE degree requirements for HCDE students who declare the major Autumn 2024 or later will be posted to the HCDE website once those requirements have completed the university curricular review process.

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