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Future Students

Non-Major Course Registration

Petition Criteria & Process

Students who are not majors in the Human Centered Design & Engineering program at UW Seattle who wish to take a 300 or 400-level majors-only course should fill out a petition. However, keep in mind that it is not our goal to fill majors-only courses to their maximum capacity. Rather, our primary concern is maintaining the quality of our program for our current majors. They benefit from smaller class sizes, where they can get closer attention from instructors and teaching assistants, engage in better in-class discussions, and the like. So the desired class size is often substantially below the maximum possible class size.

  1. If you are interested in petitioning and are unclear on if this process is right for you, please contact an adviser. 
  2. Permission to take a majors-only course does not grant or imply admission to the Department now or at any future time.
  3. Students cannot use these courses towards a degree in Human Centered Design & Engineering unless they are admitted to the Department.
  4. Students who have not taken a majors-only course will have priority over students who have.
  5. Students who are pre-majors and have prerequisites and other requirements left to take (e.g. math, statistics, science) will not have priority for a majors-only course.
  6. Non-matriculated students will only get their non-matriculated registration forms signed after we have approved their petition.  

The non-major registration form for Summer 2022 will open May 19. The non-major course registration form for Autumn 2022 will open June 21. Please check back here then.

If you are also trying to register as a non-matriculated student, contact an adviser for help with the required forms from the UW Non-Degree Enrollment office. We do not have capacity at this time to consider students from self-sustaining majors. Those students are not allowed to petition for HCDE courses. Please contact advising if you are unclear on if this restriction applies to you.

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