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Current Students

HCDE BS & MS Student Travel Policy

The below travel policy applies to HCDE bachelor's (BS) and master's (MS) students; see here for the PhD Student Travel Policy.


First priority is given to students who publish a peer-reviewed paper in a conference proceeding. Posters and/or workshop attendance is given second priority. When funds are available, the department will strive to fund students who are delivering talks, presenting posters, or taking part in other activities. Students are eligible to apply if:

  1. the student is currently enrolled in the BS or MS in HCDE program,
  2. the student is in good academic standing in HCDE (not on probation),
  3. the student has submitted reimbursement requests for any previous travel supported through this program, and
  4. the student has submitted all Conference Experience Reports from prior conference travel.

Applying for Funds and Deadlines

Awards are competitive and based on the quality and appropriateness of the requests. To apply for an award, please fill out the Student Travel Request Form and submit the completed form to the Assistant to the Chair, Stacia Green, at least one month prior to travel.

Students who are attending a conference based on work from a funded project should talk with their faculty supervisor and request that their expenses be covered by the project before requesting funds from the department. If their faculty supervisor does not have funds, students should then follow the HCDE travel policy guidelines below. Students receiving funds will be required to submit a Conference Experience Report shortly after returning.

Travel requests must be submitted at least one month prior to travel. Applications will not be considered for retroactive funding.

Requests will be prioritized using the guidelines described above depending on available funds. Students will be notified of funding decisions in a timely manner (and within one month of submitting their request).

Although each request is considered on its own merits and is subject to availability of funds, decisions regarding student funding are expected to follow the pattern shown below:

  • Up to $750 of expenses reimbursed for conferences within U.S. and North America.
  • Reimbursed for an international conference will be funded as a function of location and availability of funds.
  • Funding of as many students as possible, with limit of no more than one author per paper and priority to first author or presenting author, consideration of number of requests a student has made per year, and priority to students matriculating in HCDE programs.
  • Other non-conference requests for funding to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Award Stipulations

Reimbursement requests should be sent to Allen Lee within 45 days of completion of travel. Reimbursement requests should include copies of receipts for travel, lodging, conference registration and any incidentals greater than $75. HCDE Student Travel will be handled as reimbursement and does not provide travel advance.

Within two weeks after the conference, students who receive funding must submit a short, two–three paragraph Conference Experience Report describing their experience at the conference for the News section of the HCDE website to the Assistant to the Chair (Stacia Green). Photos from the conference would also be appreciated. Students who do not submit the write-up will not be eligible for further travel funding from the department.

Additional Funding Opportunities

In addition the the HCDE travel policies detailed above, graduate students may also be eligible for support from the UW Graduate School, and undergraduates presenting work at a professional conference must apply for a conference travel award from the UW. Find details here.


Updated Aug. 2018