Current Students

Student Travel Policy

Before the Conference

The department of Human Centered Design & Engineering strives to enrich the education and professionalization of our students by supporting travel to conferences, seminars, and professional meetings/experiences. Limited funds have typically been available each quarter to help students defray some conference registration costs and travel costs if the student is making a presentation at a major conference in the field, receiving an award, or performing a significant administrative role (e.g., conference manager). Priority is given to students who publish a paper in a conference proceeding. When funds are available, the department will strive to fund students who are delivering talks, presenting posters, or taking part in other activities.

If students are working on a funded project, they should talk with their supervisor and request that their expenses be covered by the project before requesting funds from the department. If their supervisor does not have funds, students should then follow the HCDE travel policy guidelines. Students receiving funds should represent the department at the conference by distributing HCDE program materials and/or by any other activities identified as appropriate.

Applying for Funds and Application Due Dates

Awards are competitive and based on the quality and appropriateness of the requests. To apply for an award, please fill out the Student Travel Request Form (pdf, download form, fill in and save or print) and submit the completed form to the Assistant to the Chair, Stacia Green. Requests for travel funds will be processed as a batch by the HCDE Chair, David W. McDonald.

Travel Request Due Dates:

  • August 13  for travel between October 1 and January 31
  • November 13  for travel between January 1 and April 30
  • February 10 for travel between April 1 and July 31
  • May 13  for travel between July 1 and October 31

Requests will be prioritized using the guidelines described above depending on available funds. Students will be notified of funding decisions within a week following the decision (and within one month of submitting their request).

Although each request is considered on its own merits and is subject to availability of funds, decisions regarding student funding are expected to follow the pattern shown below:

  • Up to $200 of expenses reimbursed for regional conferences held in the NW (reached by driving or by train).
  • Up to $500 of expenses reimbursed for a national/international conference out of the region.
  • Funding of as many students as possible, with limit of no more than one author per paper and priority to first author or presenting author, consideration of number of requests a student has made per year, and priority to students matriculating in HCDE programs.
  • Priority given to PhD students.
  • Other non-conference requests for funding to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Graduate students who are presenting a paper or who are an invited speaker at a conference may also be eligible for travel support from the Graduate School Fund for Excellence in Innovation (GSFEI). Students do not need to take any extra steps to be considered for GSFEI funding. If the department approves the student’s HCDE funding request, and if the student has not received GSFEI funding within the last two years, the Academic Services Manager will then submit the request to GSFEI.

GSFEI funds can be applied only to transportation expenses (planes, train, automobiles); they cannot be applied to conference fees, hotel, lodging, or food. If the student anticipates that transportation expenses may be covered by other means (e.g., grant money, frequent flier miles), please indicate this on the HCDE travel funding request application. Any funds received from the GSFEI are in addition to the total possible award from the HCDE department.

Students planning extended travel should also consider an application for the Bonderman Travel Fellowship.

After Receiving the Funds and After the Conference

Within two weeks after the conference, students who receive funding must submit a short, two–three paragraph article about their experience at the conference for the News section of the HCDE website to the Assistant to the Chair. A picture from the conference would also be appreciated. Students who do not submit the write-up will not be eligible for further travel funding from the department.

Updated 2016