Current Students

Kientz & Patel HCDE Student Emergency Support Fund

The Kientz & Patel HCDE Student Emergency Support Fund aids HCDE students facing near-term financial hardship.

The fund was established in 2020 by a donation from Julie Kientz, Professor and Chair in the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering, and Shwetak Patel, Professor in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. Learn more about the fund here.

The Kientz & Patel HCDE Student Emergency Support Fund provides aid for situations including, but not limited to, unexpected health care costs, car repairs, legal fees, travel for family emergencies, stolen goods, and housing insecurity. Students requiring tuition assistance should instead consult the UW Financial Aid office at

Note: Funds distributed from the Kientz & Patel Fund for emergency support may be subject to Federal tax withholding. Please see, here for additional information.

Request amounts

The Department has a set amount of funds available each academic year on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students may submit a request of up to $300 once during the course of their study without having to provide an explanation. Subsequent requests or requests for amounts greater than $300 require documentation. The maximum amount a student can receive from this fund is $1,000. 

To apply for funds, students need to provide their name and the amount requested. If the amount is over $300, or this is not their first request, the student will also need to provide a one-paragraph explanation of the request and documentation for the expenses (e.g., a bill, invoice or receipt, official letter or notice, or names and contact information for specific individuals). Students requiring tuition assistance should instead consult the UW Financial Aid office at

How to apply

Please submit the required information using the online request form: HCDE Emergency Fund Request. Documentation may be uploaded with the form or submitted afterward to the HCDE main office addressed to HCDE Director of Academic Services Kathleen Rascon.

Application requests will be shared with the review committee for confidential review. This committee consists of three HCDE staff and faculty members.

Applicants will receive notice that their request is funded in full or in part within two business days. Responses to requests submitted over winter break (December 19th - January 3rd) may be delayed.