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HCDE Sponsored Projects Deadlines

The HCDE Grants & Contracts Manager is available to assist faculty with budget and administrative issues associated with grants, so that principal investigators are able to spend more time working on the scientific and technical aspects of proposals.

In order to be of the greatest assistance it is important that preliminary proposal details be submitted to the HCDE Grants & Contracts Manager in as timely a manner as possible.

To clarify some of the deadline needs for proposals and to help make the proposal process go as smoothly as possible, we have outlined the following internal deadlines. Although staff will always try to be as accommodating as possible, please remember that if you are not able to meet these deadlines there is a chance we might not be able to assist with your proposal preparation.

Sample Calendar of Grant Due Dates Timeline

Sample Calendar of Grant Due Dates Timeline

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Below is detailed deadline information.

As Soon as You Know

Please alert the HCDE Grants & Contracts Manager ASAP if you will be submitting a proposal and any information that will help to get started. A response with the due dates for more specific information will be sent. Below is a detailed list deadline items:

15 business days (or EARLIER) in advance of sponsor due date:
Please send the HCDE Grants & Contracts Manager (via online grant form) or email the required information listed below:

  • Title of project
  • Announcement or solicitation info (i.e. number and title, or web address)
  • Number of years of your proposal
  • Total budget amount for each year, or total years, and:
    • staff—who/what role and approximate amount/months per year
    • other expenses—travel, supplies, etc., per year
  • Human subjects: Yes or No

Once these details are received, the Grants Office will follow up to continue.

8 business days prior to sponsor due date: All final budget/admin elements.

  • Abstract
  • Final budget and justification
  • List of personnel
  • Draft scope of work / description of the project
  • Biosketches
  • Additional material if needed—varies with type of proposal:
    • Face Page/SF424 Form (
    • Narrative & Checklist (
    • Needed compliance Approvals
    • Required additional information

4 business days prior to sponsor due date: Complete final proposal must be "Ready to Submit," which is the full and complete application in final format ready for submission to the sponsor.  OSP will check over for any fixes, or needed details then will submit to the sponsor (or sign paper documents) 3 days in advance of sponsor due date.

Important: All proposals, both paper and electronic, received by OSP after 5pm, 3 business days prior to the sponsor deadline will be returned to the PI and department contact and will not be submitted to the sponsor unless a waiver to the deadline is granted by the Assistant Vice Provost for Research. Please see GIM 19 for more information.