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Collaborating with Industry Sponsors on Directed Research Groups

HCDE values student participation in research groups, the purpose of which is to further the intellectual growth of HCDE students. HCDE recognizes that opportunities arise when members of the HCDE Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP) are interested in working with an HCDE faculty member to offer a directed research group (DRG). Such offerings can be mutually beneficial to our students, faculty, and CAP members.
In order to ensure that such collaborations succeed, this document describes the responsibilities for running collaborative research groups.

Getting Started

If a CAP member is interested in collaboratively offering a DRG, that individual should communicate with HCDE faculty and ask them to meet and discuss possible DRG topics. After finding an HCDE faculty sponsor who is willing to sponsor the research group, the CAP member should work with the faculty sponsor to draft a detailed plan of how the research group will work. The faculty sponsor and the CAP member will then submit a title/description/time of the research group to the HCDE Academic Services Manager at least 6 weeks before the start of the academic term for the research group. (This will permit HCDE to announce the research group alongside other research groups and ensure adequate student registration.)

Responsibilities of the CAP member

The CAP member should work with the sponsoring faculty member to define expectations, roles, and responsibilities related to leading the group. These arrangements should define:

  • Who will attend which research group sessions
  • Who will coordinate student activities, respond to student requests/concerns, etc.
  • How student activities will be tracked in order to ensure that credit can be appropriately assigned to students by the faculty sponsor
  • How the CAP member will participate with the research groups
  • How intellectual property will be handled for the work generated by the research group (please note that the C4C is available to address related questions)

Responsibilities of the HCDE Faculty Sponsor

The faculty sponsor working with the CAP member is responsible for:

  • Working with the CAP member and communicating with them regularly throughout the quarter
  • Ensuring that the DRG’s activities align with the educational mission of HCDE and the university
  • Attending weekly class meetings
  • Reviewing and approving/denying requests from students who seek to join the group
  • Gathering the class list and forwarding it to the research group leader
  • Ensuring that student credit hours align with DRG work requirements
  • Submitting the students’ final grades

Who Can Enroll in HCDE Directed Research Groups

Participation in a DRG is restricted to students who have been approved to do so by the faculty sponsor. They include students in HCDE matriculated programs (i.e., BS, MS, and PhD programs). UW Catalog description of a *Directed Research Group (HCDE 496/596): Students, working in teams under the supervision of individual faculty members, review relevant literature, pose research questions, design and conduct studies, and present the results in papers prepared either for submission to a professional journal or for presentation at a professional conference. Credit/No Credit only