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Brand Messaging

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A key distinguishment of HCDE’s messaging is its balance of practical and proactive capabilities to “build,” with inclusive, equitable and thoughtful purpose-driven goals—“possibility.” This balance should be seen in all of the department’s strategic moves as well as written copy: acknowledge both practical, concrete action and facts, as well as the emotional and metaphorical implications they carry.



At the heart of HCDE’s messaging is a balance and acknowledgment of the relationship between scientific, academic rules and principles, with the evolving, ongoing and dynamic needs of people. With this understanding, the department is focused on expanding, developing and improving lives, experiences and opportunities. The department’s core messaging was developed in coordination with the department’s Strategic Planning Committee in 2019. The mission and vision statements published by the department should be used as the primary reference for messaging.

Included here are HCDE’s four pillars, which are concepts to be conveyed in HCDE’s messaging.

Respect for People
We respect all individuals, communities, and their agency. We assume positive intent on behalf of those we work with and strive to understand before acting.

Interdisciplinary Exploration
We celebrate innovation, iteration, and reflection using interdisciplinary methods and perspectives. As we strive toward excellence, we take acceptable risks and learn from mistakes. We seek opportunities for collaborative exploration.

We centralize the needs of those who are often marginalized. We work to create environments and practices that are open and safe for all participants and perspectives from all social identities.

Thoughtful Impact
We are action-oriented toward challenges while continually questioning and improving. We continue to follow and study the repercussions of our actions so that they maximize the possible benefits while anticipating and minimizing possible harms.

Explore HCDE microsite

The microsite is intended to serve as an evolving, experimental digital space for the department to explore various topics, concepts, and themes beyond that of the primary website. The first iteration of this website introduces the department’s mission, history, values, and key engagement opportunities.

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