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HCDE Intranet

Teaching Resources

Faculty Codes

Codes students use when registering for DRG credits. 

HCDE Teaching Handbook

All the basics for starting teaching in HCDE.

HCDE Pedagogical Philosophy

Foundational elements and principles of an HCDE education.

HCDE Grading Policies

Typical grades in HCDE, factors to consider, and how to submit grades.

Low Course Enrollment Policy

Minimum enrollment requirements for HCDE courses.

Instructor / TA Supervision & Assessment

How to ensure success of part-time lecturers and teaching assistants.

Time Schedule Change Request

Form to correct an error on the Time Schedule. 

Course & Program Change Form

Propose new courses, updates to courses, and program changes.

Invited Speakers & Guests Policy

Gifts and parking vouchers for HCDE guests.

Additional resources