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Part‐Time Instructor or TA Supervision and Assessment Policy

The purpose of this policy, along with the HCDE Instructor Handbook, is to provide guidance for Lecturers, part‐time, temporary (LPTTs) and teaching assistants (TAs) teaching HCDE courses, establish strong communication between the instructors and the department, and ensure quality instruction.

Before class begins

  • The LPTT/TA should be provided with syllabi from previous quarters and a copy of the HCDE Instructor Handbook.
  • Syllabi/course changes should be approved before the beginning of the quarter by the Department Chair or a Supervising HCDE Faculty member (if one was assigned by the Chair) to ensure that the syllabus is consistent with programmatic goals.
  • The Department Chair will set expectations regarding mid‐quarter and post‐quarter evaluations with the instructor.

During the quarter

LPTT TA Assessment

  • The Department Chair or a Supervising HCDE Faculty member is expected to check in with the LPTT or TA at least once during the quarter, or on an as needed basis. Managing instructors of support lecturers and TAs should be checking in with support lecturers and TAs throughout the quarter as described in their job descriptions.
  • The Department Chair can request to conduct a classroom observation.
  • LPTTs and TAs will have their students complete a midterm evaluation. This evaluation will occur by the end of the fifth week of the quarter. Results will be reviewed by the Department Chair.
  • LPTTs and TAs will have their students complete a written end of quarter evaluation. This evaluation will occur during the last week of the quarter. See more on this below.

TA Assessment

  • The faculty member or LPTT who is managing the TA, or the Department Chair, will conduct at least one in‐class evaluation during each of the first two quarters of teaching. Afterwards this supervisor will meet with the TA to discuss the class visit and provide written feedback.
  • The faculty member who is managing the TA can request to conduct more classroom visits if necessary.

After the class has ended

  • The LPTT/TA will attend a wrap‐up session as requested by the Department Chair to review end of quarter student evaluations (Office of Educational Assessment IAS forms that will be ordered by the Program Assistant). In addition, the LPTT/TA may choose to share with the Department Chair their reflections on the feedback gathered.
  • The Department Chair will recommend whether the LPTT/TA should be invited back to teach the course again.
  • TA reappointment will follow the guidelines above, but will also take into account whether the TA is making satisfactory progress toward their degree.
  • Required mid‐term TA assessments will be forwarded to the Graduate School.