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Invited Speakers and Guests Policy

HCDE recognizes the value that guest speakers with demonstrated expertise in an area of interest can bring to the classroom or community. Accordingly, faculty, staff or students may occasionally wish to invite a speaker or guest who will contribute intellectually, culturally, or otherwise to the HCDE community. The purpose of this policy is to set forth guidelines for how requests for speakers or guests are handled.

Common examples are:

  • Guest lecturers, speakers or panelists participating in a campus symposium or course. 
  • A Talk
  • Judging for design jam
  • Participation in a short-term activity or event that is of an educational, research, or public service nature and no-specific deliverable or specific result is requested or expected.


As a thank you to our invited speakers and guests, HCDE will provide parking and swag OR a $25 University Bookstore e-gift card. It is the hosting faculty’s responsibility  to determine which option works best. Please submit all requests to Jane Skau at as appropriate.

For parking and swag

Please submit your request at least five (5) working days prior to your guest’s arrival/event to include:

  • Date of Event
  • Event Title (if applicable, please include course name and number)
  • Location of event (e.g. building/room of class)
  • Start time of event (expected time of arrival to campus)
  • Expected number of hours for parking
  • Number of vehicles

Note: Transportation Services has a 3 business day policy for requests. Any submissions within 3 days of the event date will be charged a rush fee of 10% or $10, whichever is greater and/or not receive preferred parking.

For e-gift cards

Please submit your request either three (3) working days prior to your guest’s arrival/event or no later than forty-five (45) days after the guest’s arrival or event and include the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Recipient email address
  • Amount of Gift Card
  • Message to Recipient 

Jane will follow up with you to include all information needed to communicate with your guest.  


If you would like to request honoraria or other payment above the standard practice, there are two additional options that require review and approval (note: requests need to be made within the same quarter as the event).

  • HCDE DEI Mini Grant: submit an application for an HCDE DEI Mini Grant award for up to $700.
  • Send an email to the Chair (Julie Kientz,, Administrator (Summer Parkes, and the Program Chair with your request for departmental support to include:
    • Date of Event
    • Type of Event (Guest Speaker, Lecturer, etc.)
    • Reason for payment above the standard practice 
    • Amount 

If you have questions or feedback about this policy, please contact Julie Kientz, Chair, at or Summer Dela Cruz Parkes, Administrator, at