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HCDE Intranet

Visual Identity


HCDE uses the official UW department signature logo, provided below in vertical and horizontal formats.

Official Logo

Text Logo

The Department also uses a text logo variation, sometimes accompanied by the official UW "W."


Keeping UW’s signature purple, while adding secondary colors orange and green creates a palette that is bold, yet cohesive with the larger UW brand. Utilizing these secondary colors speaks to the interdisciplinary nature of HCDE, and celebrates the collaboration which occurs throughout its work.

To use this palette, begin with a neutral — either pure black of HCDE white, and layer in color to create focus. You can also take any of the 5 colors and create a monochromatic composition. 


RGB (248, 246, 242)
CMYK (2, 2, 3, 0)


RGB (35, 31, 32)
CMYK (0, 0, 0, 100)


RGB (51, 42, 134)
CMYK (98, 100, 10, 1)


RGB (250, 84, 0)
CMYK (0, 82, 100, 0)


RGB (23, 164, 83)
CMYK (82, 8, 93, 0)



Like color, HCDE’s typography remixes UW’s standards in order to maintain cohesion and
simultaneously carve out a tone specific to the department. Uni Sans is more often utilized within the HCDE identity than in the standard UW guidelines, due to its particularly tech-vibe. 


Encode sans wide - thin

Body Copy

Encode Sans Wide Light

Margins, subtitles, quotations and department name when a logo is not possible or practical

uni sans regular


Hand-drawn graphics are a key visual element in HCDE’s identity. They derive from the department’s process-focused approach, and celebrate the organic, personal and non-linear aspects of problem-solving, ideating, and collaborating. 

These elements should be used strategically and logically—they should appear in places where they might actually be used if the viewer had the design in front of them to highlight key information; underlining important words, circling dates, and adding a human element to an otherwise sterile design.

Sample graphic elements are provided below, but individuals are encouraged to sketch their own elements to bring in the human element.