Emergency Evacuation and Operations Plan (EEOP) Summary

All University employing units must develop procedures for evacuation in an emergency and for response to fires, bomb threats, chemical spills, earthquakes, etc. HCDE's longer Fire Safety & Evacuation Plan (FSEP) for Sieg Hall can be found here.

The department’s FSEP contains:

a. Evacuation procedures; and

b. Methods for accounting for staff, students, visitors. 


Evacuation maps can be found at the links at the bottom of this page.

All department staff must be trained in FSEP procedures. If an employee moves to a new location, the FSEP must be reviewed for the new work site.

Employees are encouraged to provide personal emergency supplies. Employees may be asked to secure or guard building contents in cases of fire or earthquake.

Water is located on the 3rd and 4th floor of Sieg Hall, in rooms 319, 428, 422, and storage closet 407.

HCDE's dedicated land phone line is in 428 Sieg Hall, connected to the facsimile machine. (The phone will most likely be reconnected to service before the UW system phones in an earthquake or power outage situation).

The Chair and Administrator have been provided with a list of employee emergency and home phone numbers. This list includes home addresses if needed for emergencies. Please provide updated information when you move or when requested by the Health & Safety Coordinator to keep these records current.

HCDE employees should review these procedures every 6 months, and participate in emergency and training offered by EH&S and/or drills as held at HCDE.

HCDE evacuation maps:


Last modified August 2020.