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Purchasing and Reimbursement

Who to contact

Faculty making a PURCHASE to be charged to one of their budgets (grant, start-up, gift): begin the purchasing process with the HCDE Administrator ( They will work with you to determine the appropriate buying method and budget number to use for your particular purchase.

Faculty making an TECHNOLOGY PURCHASE to be charged to one of their or a department budget (offer letter, technology refresh): begin the purchasing process with the IT department ( All systems must be purchased via our procurement system whenever possible.

Faculty who need to be REIMBURSED for a purchase/registration/travel/etc: contact Fiscal Supervisor Allen Lee ( to initiate the reimbursement process.

Requesting a purchase or reimbursement

When contacting us for any purchase, please provide the following information in an email to

  • Food, light refreshments, and alcohol: A budget that is pre-approved for these purchases is required. Please see the HCDE Meals and Light Refreshments Policy.
  • Purchases and contracts/subcontracts over $3500: A sole source justification and three competing bids are required.
  • Equipment purchases over $5000: These items must be added to UW's inventory system for compliance and object coding. Scott Rivers coordinates the department's inventory tracking and must be informed when these purchases occur.

Note: Specific UW policies related to travel reimbursements need to be followed. Please see HCDE's Travel Resources.

Perjury Statement Form

For missing receipts, you must complete a Perjury Statement and submit that to the Fiscal Supervisor.