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Mikey Award

Starting in 2004, the department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) began awarding the Myron L. White Award, or the "Mikey," to a leader in the field and a dedicated friend to the department.

Mikey Award Recipients

2023 Jerrod Larson

2022 Gail Thynes

2021 Daniella Kim

2020 Jan Spyridakis

2019 Kelly Franznick

2018 Constance W. Rice

2017 David K. Farkas

2016 Rebecca Destello

2015 Carolyn Wei

2014 Suzanne Boyd

2013 Skip Walter

2012 Matt Shobe

2011 Michael Berg

2010 Judith Ramey

2009 Kent Sullivan

2008 Mary Coney

2007 Joe Welinske

2006 Lori Fisher of IBM Corp.

2005 Three Mikey awards were given in 2005 to

  • Ginny Redish 
  • Stephanie Rosenbaum 
  • Donna Sakson formerly of Sakson & Taylor

2004 Myron L. White himself, co-founder of the Department of Technical Communication

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