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2018 Graduation and Awards Ceremony

June 22, 2018

Students at the 2018 graduation

Graduation photos on flickr

The department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) held its 2018 Graduation & Awards Ceremony on the evening of Tuesday, June 5, in the Husky Union Building Ballroom. 

The class of 2018 represents HCDE's largest yet, with 105 students receiving their Bachelor of Science, 72 with their Master of Science, and 5 with doctoral degrees. The full list of graduates is below.

Graduation Addresses

Sara ZewdeGuest graduation speaker Sara Zewde

The 2018 Graduation speaker was guest Sara Zewde. Sara is a landscape designer, urbanist, and public artist. During the past few years Sara has worked at several prominent architecture and urban design firms, where she contributes to the development of large-scale and civic landscapes around the world. Sara holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, a Master of City Planning from MIT, and a BA in Sociology and Statistics from Boston University. 

For the first time, HCDE welcomed representatives from the student body to deliver graduation addresses.

Scott Smith

Scott Smith, the president of the HCDE Student Association, introduced a video that the undergraduate class produced. View the video here.

Kailey Chan

Kailey Chan, HCDE Master's graduate, was selected by the MS student body to deliver a speech.


Mikey Award

Constance W. RiceMikey Award Recipient Constance W. Rice

Each year, the HCDE faculty select a recipient of the Myron L. White (aka "The Mikey") Award. The Mikey Award, named after a founder of the department, is given to a leader in the field and a dedicated friend of HCDE.

The HCDE faculty unanimously voted to award University of Washington Regent Constance W. Rice the 2018 Mikey Award, thanking her for her years of support of the Department and her leadership in the broader Puget Sound community. Dr. Rice has been a steadfast supporter of the department from its early days. She is former affiliate faculty member, worked on research projects with faculty, and has directly served on advisory boards for academic programs and for diversity.

Awards of Excellence

The department of Human Centered Design & Engineering annually recognizes outstanding students with Awards of Excellence. These awards honor students who have distinguished themselves by demonstrating greatness in Academic Excellence, Leadership and Engagement, and Innovation. Read about these awards and see the past recipients, here.

Kate Cowley

Undergraduate Award of Academic Excellence

Kate Cowley

Tess Wolfe-Stelzer

Graduate Award of Academic Excellence

Tess Wolfe-Stelzer


Bonnie Tran

Undergraduate Award for Innovation

Bonnie Tran

Sarah Fox

Graduate Award for Innovation

Sarah Fox


Yuliana Flores & Madison Holbrook

Undergraduate Award for Leadership & Engagement

Yuliana Flores
Madison Holbrook

Josh Baker

Graduate Award for Leadership & Engagement

Josh Baker


Congratulations to the HCDE Class of 2018! All HCDE degrees awarded in the 2017–2018 academic year are below.


  • Lauren Nicole Antilla
  • Yuka Asanuma
  • Kimberly Aubert
  • Becky Louise Baron
  • Rabea Baroudi
  • Michael Wesley Beach
  • Lauren Beehler
  • Gero Rolf Bergk
  • Kurt Daniel Tahimic Blancaflor
  • Kristy Chen
  • Jason Runyuan Chen
  • Yujin Cho
  • Leena Choi
  • Tressa Coultard
  • Kate Cowley
  • Charlotte Ahn Dissmore
  • Molly Jane Donohue
  • Mike Eacker
  • Eric Su Eckert
  • Noah Cormery Eisfelder
  • Anastasia Erofeeva
  • Emma Justine Faubion
  • Ethan Reid Fletcher
  • Yuliana Flores
  • Kelsey Fukuda
  • Sanjana Galgalikar
  • Madeleine Gander
  • Yuriana Garcia
  • Zena Getachew
  • Samantha Gil Vargas
  • Alex Gilbert
  • Kenjiro C. Goodson
  • Brent Gruenke
  • Woody Mengran Gu
  • Andrey Dimaano Guiao
  • Edwin Guijosa
  • Celina Hipolito
  • Madison Holbrook
  • Valerie Ziyi Huang
  • Brian Nindo Illa
  • Olivia Florence Irwin
  • Kiwon Jeong
  • Sung-Duk Kang
  • Mallory Kester
  • Allyson L. Kline
  • Yeun-Yuan Kuo
  • Tiffany Lan
  • Truc Ly Le
  • Josephine Le
  • Gina Janet Lee
  • Yeh-Eun Lee
  • Mackenna Lees
  • Michael Nolen Long
  • Cole Lundell
  • Quinn Julian Mau
  • Nicole Erin McGovern
  • Tsewone Melaku
  • Camille Grace Mitchell
  • Alexandre Mooc
  • Alexandra Jessica Morgan
  • Andrew David Newton
  • Edgar Onofre
  • Kyril Panfilov
  • Adele Parsons
  • Burren Peil
  • Sergey Rogozin
  • Eduardo Rojas Esparza
  • Ian Russell
  • Samuel San Nicolas
  • Wil Sanctis
  • Daniel Robert Scheid
  • Kanishk Shukla
  • Addison Potter Simon
  • Yvonna Marie Skrinnik-Comstock
  • Scott Smith
  • Shaunte L. Smith
  • Lulu Sun
  • Finn Charles Thompson
  • Bonnie Tran
  • Haley Tuttle
  • Brynn Tweeddale
  • Emily Uthoff
  • Karena Vongampai
  • Angus Wang
  • Kimberly Wong
  • Meredith Xie
  • Selena Xu
  • Aleah Young
  • Nathan Alexander Young
  • Greg Yu
  • Jacqueline Yu
  • Stephanie Yu
  • Chenying Yuan
  • Carol Yuan Yuan
  • Eric Zhang
  • Yangmei Zhao
  • Kaitlyn Zhou




  • Alexa Alejandria
  • Ria Athavia
  • Josh Baker
  • Sijia (Jessica) Bao
  • Ender J. Barillas
  • Rachel Jayne Barnecut
  • Ritesh Bhagat
  • Andrew Scott Boydston
  • Livia Brown
  • Alik Brundrett
  • Anna Rose Casey
  • Kailey Chan
  • Ashish Chaudhary
  • Xiaodong Chen
  • Pierre Charles Delcourt
  • Trang Dai Dinh
  • Morgan Duffy
  • Laura M. Eise
  • Francis Estrada
  • John Frens
  • Lu Gan
  • Jesse L. Gylling
  • David D. Harris
  • Lauren Elizabeth Hirt
  • Clara Jane Jauquet
  • John M. Jessup
  • Haruka Jones
  • Navid Kamran
  • Nichole Kim
  • Sangin Samuel Kim
  • Michael Knauer
  • Erika Ann Langhauser
  • Mark Winslow Laughery
  • Jihyun Lee
  • Josh Leibsohn
  • Shuyu Li
  • Tessa Taoxi Li
  • Elise Livingston
  • Philip Z. Loh
  • Lea Lonnberg-Hickling
  • Yao Lu
  • Vivek A. Maharajh
  • Aastha Malhotra
  • Sang Woo Nam
  • Janet Ng
  • Alexandra Olarnyk
  • Alec Olschner
  • Rigo Ordaz
  • Nathan G. Ormsby
  • Diana Oviedo
  • Thana-On Punkasem
  • Swetha Ramaswamy
  • Padma Ravikumar
  • Zechariah Robinson
  • Angela Rosette
  • Erika Sam
  • Dana Sasinowski
  • Anna Dolores Serra
  • Samuel Ellen Shen
  • Sang-Wha Sien
  • Layne Skullerud
  • Julie Stuart
  • Jihoon Suh
  • Jin A. Suh
  • Danielle Pamela Teska
  • Joshua Thomas
  • Brooks Tiffany
  • Jonathan Wang
  • Tess Wolfe-Stelzer
  • Audrey Wu
  • Lillian Xiao
  • Lulu Xiao
  • Nicholas E. Zimmer




  • Christina Chung
    • Dissertation: Using Personal Informatics Data in Collaboration with People with Different Expertise 
  • Sarah Fox
    • Dissertation: Maintaining the Menstruating Body: Feminist interventions on public infrastructure
  • Ray Hong
    • Dissertation: Construction of Interactive and Intelligible Distance Cartograms
  • Robin Ellen Mays
    • Dissertation: Toward Better Design of Humanitarian ICT: A social agency-centered framework of humanitarian information needs based on a grounded study of successful Red Cross/Red Crescent practitioners.
  • Hyewon Suh
    • Dissertation: Supporting Health Monitoring by Reducing User Burden & Enhancing User Benefit

Graduation photos on flickr